Experience in managing an international journal

On 30th March 2012, VNU University of Economics and Business has organized a seminar on experience in managing an international journal.

UEB welcomed to the seminar members of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Economics andBusiness - Journal of Sciences, VNU, representatives of the Research & Partnership Development Office, Center for Journal & Publishing, Center for Communication & Public Relations and the Faculty of International Business & Economics. Attending as distinguished guest were representatives of the Editorial Board of Economics and Development Journal, National Economics University.
Dr. Gan Christopher - Editor in Chief of Review of Applied Economics, Lincoln University (New Zealand) was a keynote speaker at the seminar.

Dr. Gan Christopher

Under the theme: “Experience in managing an international journal”, Dr. Gan Christopher focused on introducing the characteristics of international journals, the difference between scientific journals and general magazines and how to manage international journals (including editing, editorial board affairs, editorial board members, objectives and scope, the review and classification of articles, quality of articles, readers, submitting - receiving activities, publishing... to the releasing and publishing of articles on the internet). His presentation pointed out the role of an Editorial Board - especially the crucial role of the Editor-in-Chief in improving the quality of an international scientific journal.

UEB faculty member discusses with Dr. Gan Christopher (right)

At the seminar, the participants raised many questions and held discussions with Dr. Gan Christopher in order to learn more about the management and operation of the editorial board of a journal, how to invite renowned scientists to take part in the editorial board, how to encourage the submission of articles, and how to organize - evaluate - edit articles to ensure their scientific value.
The seminar helped to clarify the difference between the scientific journals of Vietnam and international scientific journals, provided an overview of international criteria for journals for the Editorial Board of Economic & Business Serial and the UEB faculty members. The purpose was to study the framework and development solutions for the Economics andBusiness Serial to become an international standard journal.

News: Mai Anh - Photos: Do Do

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