Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2011 on the press

After 3 years since its debut, Vietnam Annual Economic Report by the Vietnam Center for Economic and Policy Research (VNU University of Economics and Business) has become a reference for many organizations and economic organizations. The launching conference of the report has been always attracting the media and the press to attend and broadcast the events.

The considerable increase in the number of the press attending to the launching conference of Vietnam annual economic report 2011 (nearly 200 newspapers) shows that the economic issues mentioned in the report has met the criteria and the goal which the authors proposed, in which the actual economics issues is reflected accurately. Although it may be insufficient to have an exact number of articles related to the event, they can be divided into several remarkable points below:
- Television deep coverage of the Vietnam annual economics report demonstrated the event drew people’s interest. The frequent mentioned issues are about inflation, the selection of economic development orientation of government as well as finance, banking... Besides broadcasting on breaking news, several channels such as Vietnam Television, Vietnam News Agency also cover the information and data extracted from Vietnam annual economic report. The thematic channels of economy of Vietnam Television, VTC, Vietnam News Agency, Infotv, InvestTV... also made ​​many talk shows, seminars and discussions around the economic issues that the report mentioned. In addition, present in these shows was Assoc.Prof.PhD. Nguyen Hong Son (UEB Rector), Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh (VEPR Director, Author in chief of the report) and other economic experts of the Government and the foreirn economic organizations.
Regarding printed and online newspaper and radio channels, the event is analyzed even deeper.
-The choice of development: This is an issue reported by many newspapers because it is also the highlight of Vietnam annual economic report. In analyzing “The choice at a crossroad”, Vietnam Economic Forum had a noticeable article entitled “Embarrassing at a crossroad, inflation can reach 18.2”. Another significantly deep article on Vietnam Economics Times is entitled “the economy is at a disadvantage compared to 2008”, which attracted the special attention of quite a large readers and many websites recited the information.
Explaining about inflation and government debt, Sai Gon Giai Phong has published an article namely “Inflation derived from abundant capital and poor use” and “Be aware of government debt”.

Vietnam Annual Economic Report is a special study of VNU University of Economics and Business. Since 2009, the report has been published annually to summarize the major economic issues in the last year, and to discuss the economic outlook in the next year as well as the policy recommendations for the current context.

Other major newspaper:

VnExpress: Inflation in 2011can exceed 15%

Vietnamnet: Two scenarios for 2012 economy

Dan Tri: Inflation 2011 can exceed 15%

Tien Phong: Vietnam’s economy at a crossroad

- In addition, the personal websites, social networks and forums also mention the event, and cited the relevant article. In which, websites of Thu vien phap luat; National Economics University, Hanoi; Business Association have recited the article “Inflation in 2011 can exceed 15%” of VnExpress, or Nghe An business and investment portal reprinted “Vietnam’s economy was at a disadvantage”...
The popularity of the Vietnam annual economic report can be seen more clearly through Google search engine. Accordingly, searching for “Vietnam Annual Ecnomic Report 2011” after 0.30 seconds, the number is up to 44,600 results even though the event took place less than a month ago. Compared with the results after one year of the appearance of “Vietnam Annual Ecnomic Report 2011, the results obtained 57,600 responses. It can be seen that after a short time, the information about the Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2011 has attracted great attention from the media and readers nationwide.


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