“Shindanshi - Japanese SME management consultant system”

In the framework of cooperation between VNU University of Economics and Business (VNU-UEB) and Chiba University of Commerce (Japan), Prof. Hiromitsu Takemi - Dean of Graduate School of Accounting & Finance, (Chiba University of Commerce) had a presentation on “Shindanshi – Japanese small and medium enterprises management consultant system” in VNU-UEB on 16th May 2012.

The workshop has drawn the attention of officers, lecturers, and students in VNU-UEB.
During the workshop, Prof. Hiromitsu Takemi provided UEB  lecturers, and students with information of shindanshi system - medium and small enterprise management system in 47 Japan’s provinces and cities that has greatly supported enterprises’ activities. Through Shindanshis, SMEs is allowed to access to bank loans and improve operations through diagnostic and advisory services. Prof. Takemi emphasized that the  system has greatly contribute to  the development of Japanese enterprise community in particular and Japanese economy in general.
According to Prof. Takemi, the development of Shindanshi system, together with its role, has been promoting the implementation of this system in many other countries in the region such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. Therefore, he offered Vietnam some suggestions in the “post-crisis” context, in which the most important one is further renovation to achieve its set targets.

Prof. Hiromitsu Takemi

With the benefits of shindanshi system, he believed that Vietnam can get supports from Japan. This should be considered a tool and an effective lever in strong and stable development of businesses in Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnam will achieve rapid economic growth.
The highly professional presentation with a lot of new ideas and useful information was performed vividlyand concisely. Attendees have raised many questions d together with ebullient discussions on the issues mentioned after Prof. Takemi’s speech.
After over 2 hours, the conference closed successfully, creating a foundation for the development of the academic exchanging and researchactivities between VNU-UEB and Chiba University of Commerce in the future.

Binh Minh - Photos: Do Do Translated by Nguyen Hoang Uyen

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