The UEB at the national CDIO conference

Dr. Vu Anh Dzung addresses the conference
From 23 to 24 August 2012, a national conference on “Training in the need of society and international integration: CDIO model". Participating in the conference were representatives from Ministry of Education and Training, international specialists and nearly 300 delegates from 40 univerities of the country. Vice Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business, Dr. Vu Anh Dzung who is a CDIO specialist, attended the conference.

At the conference, the delegates have reported the implementation and status of CDIO application to develop training programs at their institutes. Representatives of enterprises also discussed about the need of human resources development strategy for the country’s key economic sectors.
Addressing the conference, UEB’s Vice Rector - Dr. Vu Anh Dzung has shared with the participants about the result and experience of applying CDIO at the VNU University of Economics and Business. The university has implementing CDIO in training, designing curriculum, outcome-based assessment for each subject. The report has shown that: for each subject, apart from the learners’ satisfaction survey on teaching activities, curriculum relevance and validity, the purpose of the survey was to get self assessment from students on their knowledge competence, skills, attitudes, compared to the outcome based standard announced; accordingly forming useful database to review and adjust teaching methods and curriculum to improve the practicality and effectiveness of the training framework.
Dr. Vu Anh Dzung who directly involved in the CDIO application activities has provided with practical experience at the VNU University of Economics and Business and received much attention among the conference participants.
CDIO which is short for Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate, is originally conceived from initiatives of engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) in collaboration with Swedish universities. CDIO model is based on the oucome based standard of each profession of each institute to design appropriate training programs. CDIO model, in fact, is the model of training in accordance with the needs of society, contributing to shorten the gap between institutes and employers through surveys to develop training objectives and content.
The VNU University of Economics and Business is one of the first universities applying CDIO among VNU’s units and also is a pioneer in applying CDIO in the field of non engineering programs, which is International Economics training program. The VNU-UEB has been examining and applying CDIO approach since 2009 with the project “Establishing a scientific and practical basis to build training programs in approaching CDIO standard and application for high-quality training program of Interntional Economics at Vietnam National University Hanoi”. The project has excellently evaluated. In July 2010, the UEB has officially issued the outcome based standard for the high-quality training program of bachelor in International Economics applying CDIO standard. At the same time, the university began to integrate the standard with 22 key subjects of the training program and built the question bank for the 22 subjects. Obviously, the UEB has gained encouraging results in applying CDIO standard: the university not only designed the outcome based standard and adjusted the curriculum but also integrated those standards with each subject, assessed the implemtation and continuously improved faculty capacity...
At VNU, the CDIO standard application in non-technology training program has been developed since 2010 and recognized by the Southeast Asian University Network (AUN) and Worldwide CDIO Initiative. The VNU considers the construction of outcome based standard is a key task in its innovation process to improve the training quality, better meet the increasing needs of society. VNU has developed guidelines on training according to CDIO approach. Currently, all the graduate and postgraduate training programs at VNU have been adjusted by CDIO standard. It is considered as one of the key tasks of the Vietnam National University Hanoi in general and its training institutes in particular in the innovation and improvement training quality to better meet the social needs.

Delegates from 40 universities in the country attend to the conference.

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