UEB to co-organize Vietnam HR Day 2012

Organization Board of Vietnam HR Day 2012 at Q and A with the press
On 25 August 2012, along with other members in organization board, Dr. Vu Anh Dzung - Vice Rector of VNU University of Economics and Business has attended to the press conference which officially launched Vietnam HR Day 2012.

Vietnam HR Day, which is organized annually, is the largest open forum for Vietnam’s CEOs and HRs to discuss on the topic of human resource in Vietnam. Participating in Vietnam HR Day are managers, directors, economic experts and HR managers from internal and external enterprises and socio-economic institutions.
Vietnam HR Day 2012 was co-organized by EduViet Corporation, VNU-University of Economics and Business, Vietnam’s Youth Entrepreneurs, Vietnam HR Forum (HRLink.vn), and CPO Club.
While the topic of Vietnam HR Day 2011 was about human resource quality, the theme of 2012 is corporation  managing quality- a vital factor in each enterprise’s development. A new point of Vietnam HR Day this year is that participants, especially students have opportunities to talk with enterprises’ managers to get experience as well as access to practical knowledge in the existing fluctuate economy.

Dr. Vu Anh Dzung addresses the press conference

This year, VNU University of Economics and Business participates the Vietnam HR Day as an organizer in charge of holding a seminar for enterprises managers and students to interact under the theme “Tâm - Tài - Tầm” (“Thought - Talent - Time”) at VNU’s 10/12 Meeting Hall (144, Xuan Thuy St., Cau Giay, Hanoi) on 14 October 2012. Besides, VNU-UEB is the co-author of Vietnam HR Day 2012 Record - a collection of articles by scientists and practical officials; the author of the annual report on Vietnamese human resource administration under the theme “Vietnam’s corporation managing quality” which has surveyed 1000 officials about their employer’s corporation management.
Addressing the conference, Dr. Vu Anh Dzung has emphasized that the VNU-UEB pays attention to the program as it is planned to become a research university, specializing in the fields of economics, management and business administration. As an organizer of Vietnam HR Day 2012, the university is expected to provide with research information and useful exchanges for managers in particular and among enterprises community in general.
This is 4th Vietnam HR Day to be taken place. The program is expected to be a forum for enterprise managers to exchange and share their experience in the current economic context.

Quan Nguyen - Hoang Uyen

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