The Debut of “Vietnam Annual Economic Report 2012”

On 19th September 2012, the UEB’s Vietnam Centre for Economic and Policy Research (VEPR) in cooperation with Thai Ha Books officially introduced the publication “Vietnam annual economic report 2012". On this occasion, VEPR also held the conference “the economy challenged by structural reforms”.

The publication “Vietnam annual economic report 2012: Facing challenges of structural reforms “was previously published in end of May 2012 and has gained attention of various organizations, researchers and economists…  Integrating buy-ins from experts, the publication was finalized and officially launched at the workshop.
As shared by Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung - Chairman of the Board of Directors cum Director of Thai Ha Books: this is the first time a publication introduced by Thai Ha books gaining notable attention from journalists and readers.  

Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh (right) - Director of VEPR, chief author of the series of Vietnam annual economic report and Dr. Vo Tri Thanh at the conference

Dr. Vo Tri Thanh - Deputy Director of Central Institute for Economic management (CIEM), member of consulting group of the “Vietnam annual economic report” series affirmed that: this is one of the reports by young researchers who dare to deal with tough aspects of macro-economics. The report was based on scientific, delicate proof which worth recognition and implementation.
Vietnam annual economic report is a series of reports published annually to wrap up key economic matters of the year, at the same time discuss economic prospect of the coming year and make policy recommendations in the current context. This is the fourth year the report introduced to the public.
In the conference entitled “The economy before the structural reforms”, economists, journalists and delegates have discussed about many research findings raised by the report and current issues of Vietnam’s economy such as: bad debts, public investment, foreign investment, economic corporations… Accordingly, focal point of the program was core issues of structural reforms of commercial bank system, State enterprises and investment reforms.
Specialists raised 2 issues relating to the roadmap for the economic reforms which are handling bad debts and capital demount external to sector of State corporations and groups.
According to Dr. Vo Tri Thanh, “The principle to handle bad debts is to cleanse and balance assets of enterprises/ corporations so as to tackle old and new creditors, then they themselves will become strategic stakeholders, who are ought to make new strategies embedded with governance structure”.
Concerning current support for enterprises, Dr. Nguyen Duc Thanh thinks that it is necessary to have a balance between policies and access to resources of both State and private enterprises, firstly structural reforms of the system of commercial banks to ensure affordable credit source for enterprises.
Besides, specialists also draw everybody’s attention not to prioritize curbing inflation and stabilize macro-economics in the context that Vietnam sets higher development goals for the coming year.

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