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On 6th October 2012, VNU University of Economics and Business together with JSPS Asian Core Program (Nagoya University, Japan) are organizing a conference entitled Sustainable Manufacturing and Environmental Management which is within the series of international conferences under Asian Core Program of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

The Asian Core Program, known as a research program by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), was formed by a network of leading researchers in East Asian countries (in universities, research institutes, government agencies, enterprises of Japan, China and South Korea). Research results of this team have been published annually at international conferences co-organized with East Asian partner countries since 2007. In 2011, the VNU University of Economics and Business officially joined the team and is hosting the conference in 2012.
Currently, most countries in the world, especially developing countries are encountering with environmental issues such as: climate change, declining resources, mineral resources and land pollution, desertification, loss of biodiversity, water and ocean pollution, population explosion... They are the consequences of the manufacturing process, exploitation, the increasing needs of the mining industry and untreated waste... In their innovation and international integration, Asian countries in general and Vietnam in particular, which are developing countries are facing many environmental challenges such as inadequate production management, waste of resources, serious pollution problems.
In this context, the environmentally friendly and sustainable production becomes urgent concern, which should be paid a particular attention. The international scaled conference on Sustainable manufacturing and Environmental management is expected to create a forum to discuss the production model to meet the basic needs of human being, bring a better living quality, and to minimize the use of natural resources, thereby reducing the amount of harmful emissions to the environment. Environmental management is how to protect the habitat, therefore forming a basis for sustainable production, offering solutions to protect environment.
However, an existing reality shows a gap the law on paper and the application in terms of sustainable manufacturing and environmental management, of which the demand is increasingly concerned. Building a sustainable manufacturing, green economy and sustainable development requires each of us to have the changes in awareness and action on environmental protection. Together with the whole society, the support of businesses in sustainable manufacturing and environmental protection is essential.
In the aim at creating a science forum to provide Vietnam’s policy makers and consultants with useful experience and recommendations to manage a sustainable development; optimizating the system of supply chain distribution for manufacturing and business activities as well as the cooperation in sustainable development between Vietnam and other North Asian countries, especially Japan.
Attending to the conference, delegates are participating in two sessions, including plenary session and discussion session.
In the plenary session, delegates are listening to typical presentations on sustainable manufacturing and environmental management by scholars, researchers and leading experts from JSPS Asia CORE Program, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Asian Development Bank as well as from Vietnam’s side, namely VNU University of Economics and Business, research and strategy institutes, the Vietnam Institute of Economics...
The second session is discussing on the viewpoints, methods and effective implementation of the manufacturing and environmental management in the Asian countries. It also evaluates the effect of sustainable manufacturing and environmental management, identifying international experience and implications for Vietnam.
Hence, apart from the importance of sustainable manufacturing and environmental management in the current economic and social context, the scientists are providing practical solutions to the relevant problems. The reports focus on assessing the sustainable manufacturing and environmental management in Asian countries, international experience and policy implications. It is the cooperation initiative between Vietnam and other countries in Northeast Asia and Southeast Asia, especially Japan in economic development and environmental protection in Vietnam. As the organizer of the conference, VNU University of Economics and Business hopes to enhance opportunities for academic exchange and economic cooperation between Vietnam and other North Asian countries, promoting the active participation of Vietnamese researchers into the research system in the area (including Japan, Korea, China, etc.). The results of this study are expected to form a basis for a greener, environmentally friendlier and more sustainable manufacturing.
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