Seminar between Yokohama National University and UEB’s Faculties

On 28 March 2013, UEB’s Faculty of International Business and Economics, Faculty of Business Administration in collaboration with the Yokohama National University (Japan) organized a workshop to exchange specialized studies and some information about master’s and doctorate training programs.

Attending the seminar were Prof. Yuichi Hasebe - Dean of International Graduate Faculty of social sciences (including Economics, Business Administration and Business Law) and Yokohama National University lecturers. On the side of VNU University of Economics and Business, there were Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu - Associate Dean of Faculty of International Business and Economics, Dr. Phan Chi Anh - Associate Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, the faculties’ lecturers and students.
Following the success of the previous seminars, this seminar is an opportunity for both sides to discuss research topics on economic cooperation in East Asia.
Opening the conference was the presentation of Prof. Hiromi Kabashima with the theme of International Cooperation in East Asia. The study provided whole information about the cooperation context of East Asia, especially group of the countries participating in the TPP (Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement); development trends as well as TPP’s impact of positive and negative to member countries.
In the current context of the international integration, both Japan and Vietnam are very interested in this topic. Especially in this period, many countries decided to join the TPP negotiations so that it would have many new opportunities and challenges for Japan, Vietnam and other member countries. Perhaps it is the reason why the study was received a lot of attention and questions from experts as well as the students.

Prof. Hiromi Kabashima (Yokohama National Univ. lecturer) presented research at the seminar

Following the workshop was the presentation of Prof. Yuichi Hasebe with the theme “A study on Economic structural changes and CO2 emission of Japan, China and South Korea”. The paper was referred to the reality and emission trends at these countries as well as giving the IIOA model to measure the emissions. The study also highlighted the economic measures such as tax - an important measure to help protect the environment.
At the conference, Representatives of Yokohama National University provided information on training programs of Economic Master and Doctor as well as the scholarship programs. Besides, Representatives of Yokohama National University have openly shared the necessary information to prepare for international students’ life as well as the implementation methods of effective research. The students attending the seminar were very interested in this information.
Within the framework of his visit at VNU University of Economics and Business, Prof. Kyotaka Sato and Prof. Yoshiki Matsui (Yakohama National University) also lectured on international finance and operational management courses for high-quality students of International Economics course and strategic-mission students of Department of Business Management.
This sequence of events is significant in strengthening the relationship between VNU – University of Economics and Business and Yokohama National University. It is a chance for VNU-UEB’s lecturers and students to study and exchange research.

Vu Thanh Mai - Thanh Nhan

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