Seminar Report on first quarter 2013 financial and monetery market

The presentation team at the seminar
On 26th April 2013, the UEB’s Faculty of Finance - Banking has organized a seminar entitled “Report on first quarter 2013 financial and monetery market” chaired by Dr. Le Trung Thanh - Vice Dean of the Faculty.

The seminar was within the framework of the quarterly reports on financial and monetery market synthesized and analyzed by the Faculty’s lecturers.
Opening the seminar, Dr. Tran Thi Van Anh presented on “Synthetic report on banking monetary in first quarter 2013”, which mainly discussed Japan’s public debt. The report indicated the status of Japan’s public debt and analyzed the causes of increasing public debt in the country. Accordingly, although the Japanese economy ranks 3rd in the world, public debt of the country is leading the world. Japan’s current situation is the consequence of the solutions that the Japanese government has done when saving Japan’s economy from the constant recession in the past. The report also provided a number of measures to reduce public debt in Japan.
“Report on 2012 stock market and the issues for 2013” by Dr. Le Trung Thanh gave a review of the stock market in 2012 and predicted the 2013 stock market. The report indicated that the most important factor to accelerate the current stock market is to remove macroeconomic difficulties that knotted by bad debts, inventory and frozen real estate market. The report also mentioned the issues of economic restructuring, in particular the restructuring of stock market along with the state’s management policy.
The report on “Interest rate risk management: Lessons from Thai Hoa Group” by MSc. Trinh Thi Phan Lan analyzed the impact of interest rate to a business, namely Thai Hoa Group. The report concluded that an appropriate capital structure will ensure the effective operation for a business.
Evaluating internal control system in audit, MSc. Pham Ngoc Quang presented “Financial Statement - A comparison between International Standards on Auditing ISA 135 and Vietnamese Standards on Auditing VSA 400” which analyzed aspects of ISA 315 in internal control system and compared with VSA 400. In addition, to illustrate the connection between internal control system and financial statement, the report also introduced an assessment model of internal control system.
At the end of each presentation, the author and audiences had the discussions and shared their experience.
The seminar closed with the latest updates which contributed to the completion of the first online report on financial and monetary market by the UEB’s Faculty of Finance - Banking. To learn more about the report content, please visit the website of the Faculty

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