Conference on management model of green supply chain towards green growth

On May 24th 2013, UEB’s Faculty of International Business and Economics (FIBE) has organized a conference “Research on the management model of green supply chain toward green growth: From the view of green consumption” chaired by Dr. Vu Anh Dzung - Vice Rector cum lecturer of FIBE.

Attending the seminar was VNU Vice Director of Science and Technology Department Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, Northern Director of Customer service of Nielsen Vietnam Ms. Dang Thuy Ha and Mr. Nguyen Van Trung, Ms. Ngo Thuy Khanh - Marketing Manager of LG Electronics Vietnam. From VNU-UEB, there were the Management Board of FIBE and lecturers of the faculty.
Opening the conference, Dr. Vu Anh Dzung presented the objectives of the meeting and summarized the content of the research project. Currently, the environment has become a hot issue and has been put into the development strategies of the countries in the world. In the four pillars of the Green Growth strategy mentioned by Economic and Social Commission Asia Pacific United Nations (UNESCAP), green consumption is an important pillar and concerned by many countries around the world, including Vietnam. This project studies the consumption behavior of green products of consumers which are minor components of the overall study of green supply chain. Project was implemented by a group of lecturer, students FIBE (UEB).
Afterward, the team presented at conference on the main content of the project including: research overview and definitions related green consumer behavior, the step modeling determinants assumptions affect this behavior (including seven group behavior), expected questionnaires and sampling methods. This is content that the team would like to receive contributions from experts in the field of surveying consumer behavior opinions.
In the main part of the program, participants and guests were enthusiastic to contribute ideas and expertise with the means to complete team projects. Ms. Ngo Thuy Khanh said that green consumption is a new trend and the production of green products, green communications, green brand ... is a marketing strategy that many large multinational companies like LG are aiming to. Ms. Khanh offers many valuable comments concerning product definition/green consumer behavior, distribution of these green products depending on the characteristics (such as price, durability, product characteristics...) which have a huge impact on the decision to purchase. In addition, according to Ms. Khanh, the team should also pay attention to the demographic characteristics of survey respondents in the questionnaire as age, income, gender, number of family members.
With many years experience in statistical surveys of consumers, Ms. Dang Thuy Ha and Mr. Nguyen Van Trung have contributed the ideas about how to design a questionnaire logically and the relationship between the variables. Ms. Ha particularly emphasized sampling method, which should be selected in a random sample of 5 major cities and provinces in Vietnam to ensure representative ecological zones of the country.
The senior from Nielsen Vietnam have also advised the project team monitoring methods to ensure authenticity of the sampling process and investigation. In addition, the group also received a lot of contributions from the lecturers of UEB especially issues related to model assumptions and factors affecting consumer behavior and 7 green behaviors mentioned.

Research team  and the representatives take photographs at the conference

At the end of the conference, Dr. Vu Anh Dzung and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ha Van Hoi gave thank to the experts who have paid attention and contributed valuable comments to the project, and expressed his desire to cooperate with experts in the topic for further research. This is an important foundation for the Faculty's research group to improve and develop the project in the right direction and achieve the best results.

Thanh Mai - Bich Ha

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