Discussing on quality management of Vietnam’s service business

On 3rd June, in the desire to provide a forum for sharing knowledge, experience and research results on management of service quality in Vietnam among managers, researchers, entrepreneurs, as well as to contribute solutions new to resolve practical issues, VNU University of Economics and Business organized a conference on quality management in service business in Vietnam.

Many representatives from research institutes, state’s agencies, universities and enterprises were present at the conference. From the VNU-UEB, there were Rector Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son, Vice Rector Dr. Vu Anh Dzung and heads of UEB’s offices and centers. The conference also drew the attention of many lecturers, students and researchers.
Speaking at the conference, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son has emphasized that the development of service sector, particularly in the economy towards a knowledge-based services, is the prominent trend in the development of the world economy today. However, despite of quite high growth rate, the GDP of Vietnam service sector share is not as high. To solve the situation, it is necessary to consider the quality of service to accelerate the productivity and quality of service and to promote Vietnam service industry in long term, thereby improving the competitiveness of the entire economy of Vietnam. The UEB Rector hoped that the conference would receive comments and suggestions of solution from the experts. 

Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Hong Son - UEB Rector speaks at the conference

The content presented at the conference mainly focused on the quality of service management under the view of research institutions, government agencies and business aspect. Discussion by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son gave an overall of the development of Vietnam’s service industry after 5 years of WTO accession. He also suggested several recommendations for the development of Vietnam service sector. In addition, Mr. Le Trieu Dung - Deputy Director of Multilateral Trade Policy Department has emphasized the importance of service sector as well as the impact of services on service trading commitments of Vietnam in the WTO and the FTA.
Report by Dr. Vu Van Dien - Deputy Director of Directorate for Standards, Metrology and Quality analyzed the quality management activities in Vietnam in terms of state management agencies. Besides, the report by Dr. Nguyen Van Binh mainly discussed the position of tourism, quality tourism services in Vietnam, as well as measures to develop Vietnam tourism services in a sustainable way.


Many reports on Vietnam’s service quality are presented under different aspects

Under the viewpoint of business, Dr. Nguyen Huu Thang - CEO Members of Hanoi Trade Corporation has talked about the actual quality of exporting services Vietnam currently. He also emphasized the role of service quality for the growth of export products of Vietnam and make recommendations to improve service quality and promote our country’s export growth.
Dr. Tran Ngoc Trung - Management Consultant, FDI Enterprises Association shared about innovation programs, improvement methods and tools in business. The report of the Dr. Phan Chi Anh and M.Sc Tran Viet Dzung described ​​the gaps model of service quality of Parasuraman with implications for the application to measure service quality in business.
At the conference, the experts discussed on the reports and suggested the solutions to improve the quality of service sector of Vietnam.
The conference closed with helpful research results and ideas shared by the participants. On behalf of the VNU-UEB, the Rector thanked the experts for their contributions and ideas on the practical topic. He also expected that the conference would be a bridge for the cooperation between the UEB and state management agencies, research and training institutions, as well as business community in Vietnam.
On the same day, within the series of researches on quality management in service sector, another conference on quality management in the service business in Vietnam also took place at the UEB. The  conference was the place to share experience and research results on assessment of service quality in a number of particular businesses.

Nguyen Hue Minh - Thuy Dzung

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