Developing a database to evaluate Vietnam’s socio-economic and environment fluctuation

Dr. Vu Anh Dzung and the research team members present the reports at the seminar
4th June 2013, the VNU University of Economics and Business has organized a seminar on developing an intergrated, interdisciplinary and durable database to evaluate Vietnam’s socio-economic and environment fluctuation, chaired by Vice Rector Dr. Vu Anh Dzung and the research team.

The seminar welcomed the presence of experts of economics, demographics, sociology, medicine, education, psychology, sociologic statistics, natural resources management and culture, etc.
At the seminar, reports presented by the research team mainly focused on: (1) an overview of the research project, (2) an overview of the surveys in the country at national scale, (3) an overview of the surveys at regional and local scale, (4) an overview of international experience which focused on households’ database system of the UK and (5) an introduction of the scheduled content of integrated, interdisciplinary, long-term, multi-purpose database to evaluate the socio-economic and environment fluctuation of Vietnam.
Experts at the seminar also focused on discussing on the fifth content above mentioned. In particular, the experts contributed ideas to complete the questionnaire for the households’ survey.
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dang Nguyen Anh (Institute of Sociology - Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences) appreciated the need of the database with the new and scientific approach of the project. He also gave ​​many important suggestions relating to the survey sampling. Mentioning the need to clearly distinguish the questionnaire for families and for individuals, he thought it should be paid attention to the questionnaire designing such as the issues of poverty, residential geography, the encounter of the risks of life, social welfare, charity, health and food sercurity, and child care and rearing…


Experts at the seminar suggest detailed comments to the research team

A sociology expert Prof.Dr. Tran Thi Minh Duc (VNU University of Social Sciences and Humanities) has advised the team on how to design a questionnaire that can collect honest information, as well as classifying the research fields to ensure the logic. Prof.Dr. Duc said that the questionnaire should also have additional variables related to discrimination in the family, workplace harassment, mental health, etc.
Under both macro and detailed perspective, Prof.Dr.Sc. Truong Quang Hai (VNU Institute of Vietnamese Studies & Development Sciences) appreciated the initiative of the research topic and suggested that the research approach should ensure the inheritance, systematics, interdisciplinary as well as add more variables and their specific contents. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Luu Duc Hai (VNU University of Natural Sciences) also gave advices on the specifying of objectives and criteria for the study.
Besides, the research team also received many constructive comments related to other fields in the questionnaire such as education, psychology, environment, society. Most of the ideas affirmed the importance and significance of the research project.
On behalf of the research team, Dr. Vu Anh Dung expressed his thanks to the experts for taking time and contributing valuable comments to the team to improve the content of the project. Dr. Vu Anh Dung also expressed his desire to continue to cooperate with experts in implementing the project.

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