Consultation with Experts for the Project of Developing Integrated Database of Socio-Economic and Environmental Changes in Vietnam

Within the framework of the project “Develop Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Long-term and Multi-purposed Database to Evaluate Socio-economic and Environmental Changes in Vietnam”, the team including members from VNU University of Economics and Business, University of Science, University of Science (under the Vietnam National University Hanoi), and National Economics University, organized several meetings to consult leading experts who have practical experience in studying and teaching economic, social, education, health issues.

The consultation meeting regarding economic issues was held on August 1, 2013 at the VNU University of Economics and Business and chaired by Dr. Vu Anh Dung (from VNU-UEB) in order to complete economic variables for the questionnaires. The specialists attending the meeting appreciated the purpose and content of economic issues in the questionnaires, contributed practical ideas and analyzed the weak points that the team should adjust.

Dr. Le Dang Doanh emphasized the necessity of connecting the survey with the development of the society and the world, such as the development of science and technology, globalization, climate change, etc. Dr. Dinh Quang Ty said that the study lacked adequate attention to households, therefore the team should clarify the economic and business elements related to households or individuals. Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh suggested to pay attention to the risks of aging population; Dr. Nguyen Cam Nhung recommended to add expense details; Dr. Nguyen Thuy Anh proposed to clarify purposes of each group of survey questions. Dr. Le Trung Thanh and Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu suggested to use direct interviews and questionnaires annually or periodically so as to generate a comprehensive picture of economic situation of households.


Dr. Nguyen An Thinh chaired the second consultation meeting on environmental issue

The second consultation meeting on August 1 afternoon chaired by Dr. Nguyen An Thinh (from the VNU University of Science) focused on environmental aspect. Environmental issue was clarified by 12 criteria: consumption of water, fuel, energy, food, household appliances, recycling, environment improvement, waste disposal, adaptation to environmental changes, etc. The questionnaires for this issue focus on behavior of both households and individuals. Several experts such as Professor Truong Quang Hai, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Van Thien and Dang Hoang Minh suggested the questionnaires should be made to clarify different levels of behavior, some content should be quantified and some quantitative criteria should be added. The experts said the team should consider some questions of environmental promotion, outside impacts on environmental behavior, select variable groups for annual or periodical surveys. The questions should be distinct, clear and focus on analyzing the causality relationship or connection between environmental behavior and socio-economic and cultural factors.

The third consultation meeting,  taking place on August 2 and chaired by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Dang Hoang Minh (VNU University of Education) with focus on culture, education and health issues, raised many supplementary aspects for the section on family, language, history of relationship, parent - child relationship, etc. The meeting was attended by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pham Thanh Nghi and Dr. Le Van Hao. The experts underlined the significance of this array, especially in long-term to assess the dynamism and changes of individuals and community. Attendants to the meeting agreed that cultural, living or art factor should be latent variables. Absorbing ideas from experts, the team divided groups of annual variables and types of research data by four year period.

At three consultation meeting on education, culture and health issues.

After three consultation meeting on economics, environment, education, culture and health, the team have received numerous valuable ideas to help them complete the proposed questionnaires.

The team informed that the following consultation meeting on social aspect chaired by Dr.Luu Bich Ngoc (Vietnam Economics University) would take place before August 15. Following this consultation meeting series, the seminar entitled “Develop Integrated, Interdisciplinary, Long-term and Multi-purposed Database to Evaluate Socio-economic and Environmental Changes in Vietnam” were expected to take place on August 21 -22 with the participation of many local and foreign experts. 
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