The second workshop "Enhancing Vietnamese goods and services quality"

Following the success of the first workshop "Enhancing Vietnamese goods and services quality" held on July 2012, VNU University of Economics and Business held the second workshop on 6th September, 2013, with the participation of Japanese and Vietnamese experts. The workshop was chaired by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - Rector.

Attending this workshop were Vietnamese and Japanese quality management experts such as Prof.Yoshiki Matsui (Yokohama National University), Mr. Manabu Matsumoto and Mr. Kiyasu Masahide - JICA’s expert (the Japan International Cooperation Agency - organization with activities aiming at economic and social development in developing countries through sharing of knowledge and experience of Japan). Dr. Vu Van Dien - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Standard and Consumers Association, Dr. Tran Ngoc Trung - Management Consultant, Vietnam's Association of Foreign Invested Enterprises (VAFIE) and representatives from organizations, enterprises in Vietnam.

Many of staff, lecturers and students of VNU-UEB attended the workshop.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son - VNU-UEB Rector makes opening remarks

Speaking at the seminar, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Hong Son said, VNU-UEB desired to become a center of researching, teaching and consulting,
transferring knowledge of management and increasing capacity. Therefore, VNU-UEB hoped to receive cooperation, sharing and coordinated implementation of programs/projects of organizations, businesses and universities to promoting research, teaching and application of the capacity and quality.

In the later organization, the workshop focused on key issues including: (i) operating the Vietnam national quality standards: trends, prospects and challenges in 2013, (ii) introducing some practical experiences of quality management practices at Vietnam enterprises under the view of business managers, researchers, consultant and international experts, (iii) introducing some practical problems related to relationship between quality management practices and innovation in Japan and development countries.

Dr. Vu Van Dien presented at the workshop

The presentation of Dr. Vu Van Dien specified the situation of operating standards, measurement, quality organization in Vietnam at present and the basic direction of standards, measurement, quality activities. The presentation showed that legal basis on standards, measurement, quality has been built; many organizations have implemented consulting activities, service standards, measurement, quality; or business activities are also involved, so it has formed a vertical system of standards, metrology and quality from the central to local... However, there are still problems in the management organization of operating standards, measurement, quality in our country which need to be recovered. Analyzing the causes of these limitations, presentation has given directions for this activity to 2020.

Prof. Yoshiki Matsui shared experience of quality management in Japan

Prof.Yoshiki Matsui - Expert from the Yokohama National University presented research results on quality management in the Japanese manufacturing sector, particularly methods of total quality management (TQM).


Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh presents application of 5S, Kaizen at CNC VINA

The presentation "Improving quality practices at CNC company" of Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh showed experience of application basic methods in streamlining production system as 5S,
continuous improvement (Kaizen) at CNC VINA Company. The presentation expressed thanks to continuing publicizing to officers/ employees, flexible application of methods, production of CNC VINA gains achievements such as raising productivity, encouragesresponsibilities of employees, make the best use of the company's resources...

Dr. Tran Ngoc Trung at the workshop

Introducing a symbol case of continuing improvement in Vietnam also, Dr. Tran Ngoc Trung provided information of Viglacera ABC Company. Then, he expressed the coordination of everyone in the company to get higher efficiency.


JICA experts share practical experience in applying 5S , Kaizen

Then, two JICA experts - Mr. Manabu Matsumoto and Mr. Kiyasu Masahide shared information and experience in application 5S, Kaizen in Japanese companies and Vietnamese companies which JICA has supported in application these methods. Experts emphasized the importance of human factor in quality improving and they said that methods just be effective as everyone understand and implement.

Presentations at the workshop has been discussed by participant. Answer the question of difficulty in application quality management tools at companies, Dr. Tran Ngoc Trung said that the most difficult thing is manager's precipitation, fast performance without long term study; in addition, cause of implemention of higher managers to lower level ones weren't consistency leading to the low efficiency. Discussing about application of national labour efficiency system, Mr. Dien appraised there are many businesses relying on the Government. Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh said that although Vietnamese labour force is cheap, it was spread used leading to inefficiency and waste.

UEB Students also communicate with speakers

Besides, some other questions related to how to increase the Vietnamese working efficiency, or rewarding for excellent individual in the application of continuous improvement tools ... also be asked in the workshop.

At the conference, UEB also introduced to the participants of research publications on the management of the quality - "Quality management in enterprises in Vietnam". The book presents the results of a field survey research, interviews, analysis of business performance before and after the application of ISO 9000 at 108 businesses, and application of Kaizen tools in 52 businesses shows the application ISO 9000 and Kaizen practice initially help businesses improve employee awareness, indicators of product quality and service, customer satisfaction and particularly improve the managerial skills of staff.

This is one of the monographs publishing the first independent findings of the quality management in Vietnam’s business done by the university.

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