Workshop Social Enterpises, Social impact measurement

Mr. Jarrod Ormiston said at the workshop
On 1/11/2013, Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDS), VNU-UEB has held workshop of issues related to social enterprises, investment to create social impact and social impact measurement.

The workshop attracted the attention and participation of researchers, NGOs such as the British Council, Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP), Young Entrepreneurs and Sustainability Education (YESE), and some social enterprises as Granpa Garden, Northwest clean chicken, iNature Vietnam Sustainable Agriculture as well as VNU-UEB students.

Speaker of the workshop is Mr. Jarrod Ormiston - lecturer, researcher of the University of Sydney (Australia). At the workshop, Mr. Jarrod presented basic concepts of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise models and practical development of the model in Australia. These examples gave practical knowledge in Australia to participants, from which comparisons and contrasts with the reality in Vietnam.

Beside, Mr. Jarrod Ormiston also introduced social investment, social impact bonds and social impact measurement which are new concepts and created lively discussion at the workshop.

The workshop has successfully ended. Leader of CEDS said: Through this workshop, CEDS desired to not only creating opportunity for organizations and individuals had opportunity to exchange knowledge and practical expertise in social enterprise but also as a bridge for operation of social enterprises and students. CEDS would continue to promote research activities in the future with theoretical orientation tied to practical issues of sustainable development which was one of main directions of the center.

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