STUST 2014/15 Application Instructions for Student Exchange Program

Established in 1969, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST) is committed to nurturing her students to become global citizens and to provide them with as many international education opportunities throughout their studies at STUST.

How to Apply
After checking with the international office at your university for your eligibility as an exchange student and confirming their recommendation of you to STUST (via e-mail), you can proceed your application. In order to apply, please submit the following documents:
1. Application Form
It is extremely important that you fill in the Application Form as accurately and completely as possible, so that our Admission Committee will not delay your review because of unclear or missing information. (Reminder: make sure to sign the "Declaration" on the last page of the application form.) In this form, you need to write a brief statement of purpose. Although the presentation format may differ, all programs will require you to provide written reasons for wishing to join our exchange program.
2. Academic Transcript from home university
Submit one photocopy of the official transcript. The school’s official seal or stamp must be visible on the document submitted. These documents must be in Chinese or English.
3. Health Certificate
Rubella, German Rubella and HIV tests are required. If found HIV positive after enrollment, your acceptance will be revoked. You may download the form under "Admission" at the school's English website. To download the form, go to: and click on “Admission” and then in the sidebar click on “Apply to STUST.”
4. An Official Financial Statement of Personal Savings (i.e. Bank Balance Statement)
All international students planning to study in Taiwan are required to show evidence that they can pay for tuition, health insurance, housing, fees, and personal expenses during the time they are to study at STUST. This statement should be an official document issued by the bank and show a recent total alance of your personal savings. Failing to provide a financial statement may cause your Taiwan visa application to be rejected when you go to the Taiwan embassy.
5. Other relevant documents, certificates or awards
Don’t forget to enclose a copy of your passport and photo to the application form.
Important reminder:
Please note:
(1) Without the confirmation from the international office from your university to us, your application for exchange program at STUST will be declined.
(2) If you are going to apply for an FS residence visa in Taiwan, all original documents and copies presented must be certified in the embassy or consulate of Taiwan in your home country.
Application Deadlines:
January 15th for the spring semester, June 15th for the fall semester
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Chiao-Hua Lin via email:
>> Download Application form
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>> Download Health Certificate
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>> Download Admission instruction
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