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New Zealand is a long-standing partner of ASEAN and the New Zealand ASEAN Scholars awards is an initiative which will contribute to the commitments made in the Joint Declaration for ASEAN-New Zealand Comprehensive Partnership (JCP) 2010-2015. The JCP aims to strengthen New Zealand’s relationship with ASEAN and support the Initiative for ASEAN Integration to close the development gap for the developing member states.

Applicants from all fields are encouraged to apply. The suggested disciplines are as follows:

  • Agriculture and Rural Development

For example: Animal Health, Plant Health, Phytosanitary, Agricultural and Horticultural Science, Food Safety and Food Quality, Post Harvest Technologies, Biotechnology, Bio-security, Vegetables Production, Livestock, Aquaculture, Agribusiness Management, Agricultural Economics;

  • Environment 

For example: Environmental Studies, Environmental Planning and Management, Environmental Economics, Natural Resources Management, Climate Change Adaptation, Land Administration, Land Planning & Development, Water Resources, Renewable Energy, Oceanography, Seismic/earthquake Engineering, Emergency Management, Hazard Assessment and Management;

  • Education 

For example: Early Childhood Education and Development, Education Leadership and Management, Education Policy, Testing and Evaluation, TESOL, Vocational Education;

  • Trade and Business Development

For example: Trade Facilitation, International Trade, Trade Policy, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Development, Private Sector Management, Development Economics, Applied Economics, Value Chain, Accountancy, Finance, Banking, Commerce, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management;

  • Tourism 

For example: Tourism Management, Tourism Planning, Sustainable Tourism, Ecotourism;

  • Governance 

For example: Public Management, Public Policy, Public Administration, Law, Justice, Legal and Judicial Reform;

  • Cross-cutting Disciplines

For example: Human Rights, Gender, Women Studies.

Contact for further information:
Development Programme Coordinator- New Zealand ASEAN Scholars awards

New Zealand Embassy

Level 5, 63 Ly Thai To Street, Hanoi - Viet Nam

Tel: (+84 4) 3824 1481

Fax: (+84 4) 3824 1480


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