Practical skill training course for Hanoi students

The course draws students’ attention
After 10 hours of experiencing professional working environment, the UEB students have finished their training course with helpful knowledge.

From February 22nd to March 15th 2014, a training course for students was held by, an open model of education, in collaboration with the Enactus UEB team and UEB’s Center for Student Service. The program has attracted more than 60 students in Hanoi, especially the final year students. Students of the UEB also actively participated in the useful training course.
To start the course, the students were instructed on how to properly write an email, correct the common errors like wrong email address, lack of title… or how to effectively use search engine on the internet, document storage with tools like Dropbox, Drive. Many students found it is refreshing to know about work management tools such as Trello, Prezi presentations…
In the second class, students had to know about the first time working at a company, and how to integrate a working environment. The instructor also shared about the effective ways to complete a resume and impress at an interview. At the end of the second class, many of participants were impressed by the instructor’s demonstration of mistakes of a newcomer at a company. “Sometimes, only a slight mistake would lose the first good impression among our colleagues”, shared a student.


The speaker introduces to the students about practical knowledge

The third class provided students with professional working skills to work. With Horenso and Kaizen principles, participants discussed on how to work and respond to questions from superiors. After the class, each person has their own experience of how to professionally perform and employ what they have learned.
Under the theme promotion at work at the last class, students learnt more about the conflicts that may occur between employee and employer, thereby preparing to get a promotion. Accordingly, students had a more creative and consistent view on how people become successful.
By active and interesting style, the presenters brought a lively atmosphere to the whole training course, which closed successfully and get good feedback from participants. The information about the courses can be found
here. This is one of the extracurricular programs that the Center for Student Service and UEB students’ clubs regularly organize to bring practical skills for students.

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