GPAC 2014 participants enjoy Hanoi city tour

The students visit Ho Chi Minh Museum
On 25 August 2014, the GPAC 2014 participants have had memorable time together through the Hanoi city tour to discover famous sightseeing and Vietnamese traditional cuisine.

7:30 am, the participants started to visit Ho Chi Minh Museum, where they listened to stories about President Ho Chi Minh - the great leader of Vietnam. The international students were surprised and admired by the Ho Chi Minh’s simple way of life despite of his leaders’ position.
After enjoying the visit to Ho Chi Minh Museum, the students and professors moved to other well-known places such as Hoan Kiem Lake (the Lake of Returned Sword of Sword Lake), the Old Quarter, West Lake and participated in a team building activity at Ly Tu Trong Garden.
In Hoan Kiem Lake, the international students were listening the legend that of ​​King Le Loi returned the sword to the fairy golden turtle; King Ly Thai To decided to move the capital to Hanoi over 1000 years ago, or story about Hoa Phong Tower - the only remaining part of the monument of Bao An temple, which was destroyed by the French invaders. Everyone was excited because of the green water of Hoan Kiem Lake all time in the year and the heroic story about it.
Next was the journey in the Old Quarter. The students have had a time together walking around Old Quarter to buy souvenirs for their family and friends. Some people chose Vietnamese traditional conical hats, some others bought postcards or specialities for their families.

The international students are excited with the Old Quarter

After enjoying the sightseeings, the students moved to Ngu Xa, where has been renowned with delicious pho cuon (the rolling pho). To most students, it was the first time they went to Vietnam, that the traditional dish has left an unforgettable impression to every member.
In the afternoon, they visited Tran Quoc Pagoda right beside West Lake and Ly Tu Trong Garden to participate in some team building activities, which help improve the team spirit and mutual understanding.
Although the weather was quite hot in Hanoi yesterday, it did not reduce the students’ spirit. At the beginning of the game “draw and guess”, the students themselves redraw Dong Ho paintings by their perspective. Thought the activity, everyone has a better understanding of Dong Ho painting - a traditional painting of Vietnam.


Dong Ho traditional paintings of Vietnam are introduced to interntional friends

The second game namely “following the foodstep” was an action game requiring the high teamworking skills. The most impressive image of the first day is when Vietnamese and international students held their hands to overcome the challenge of the game.
The first day of GPAC 2014 closed with a lively and colorful welcome party. It is a greeting sent from the organizers to the international delegations of GPAC 2014.

The GPAC 2014 welcome party

The party began with an introduction to GPAC 2014 and preparation process of the hosting country. In the spirit of effort, dedication and the young people’s intellect, the UEB students have proven a ready for success to international friends.
On this occasion, Dr. Nguyen Dang Minh - Head of the UEB’s Office of Research and Partnership Development shared about Vietnamese students’ efforts in GPAC preparation. The professor of participating universities also shared their thought about the spirit and purpose of GPAC 2014 and wished the success to the host country.


The UEB Vice Rector Dr. Nguyen Truc Le expresses his gratitude to the participants of GPAC 2014

In the art performance, the duet singing “Meeting in the apricot forest” by two UEB students have brought international students with exciting impression of Vietnamese folk songs. The following songs, Sukiyaki - Kyu Sakamoto and To love you more, are also performed by the students of hosting country. Inspite of different nations and languages, all participants seemed to become one in the musical and joyous atmosphere.

International students enthusiastically participate in the art performance

The first day of the 2014 GPAC has fulfilled with enthusiastic participation from international students. The GPAC spirit was raised in each member. On 26 August, the GPAC conferences are taking place with the students’ presentations.

Dinh Ho Nho Thong - Thuy Dzung

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