Exchange program between Hosei University and VNU University of Economics and Business

On 8th Sep 2014, a group of students and lecturers of Hosei University (Japan) led by Prof. Hideki Esho have visited and interacted with the Faculty of International Business and Economics (UEB).

This is the first time Hosei University has visited and exchanged with UEB in general and the Faculty of International Business and Economics (FIBE) in particular. This visit brings a good opportunity for students of both universities get acquainted, interact and exchange knowledge as well as culture between the two countries.

Opening the exchange activities was the scientific conference with the participation of the faculty members and students from two universities. At the conference, Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu (Associate Dean of the faculty) introduced about FIBE and expressed her desire to maintain this exchange program annually, providing the foundation for further cooperation in training and research.


Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu made an opening speech

In the first activity, the students of FIBE have made two presentations: "Environmental Sustainability and Economic Development: Life Cycle Assessment of Vietnamese black tea production" and "Greening the coal supply chain at Vinacomin". Thereby, the FIBE students have sent a message to the conference on the protection of the environment associated with economic development.

At the conference, Students from Hosei University also made three presentations: "How much is the optimal price of tobacco in Vietnam", "Air pollution and the late-comer advantages focusing on NIES and ASEAN" and "The future of “China-plus-one”: possibility of the formation of inter-process division of labor between Chinese subsidiaries and Vietnamese subsidiaries of Japanese companies". These three papers are evaluated to be interesting and of practical significance.

In particular, there were a lot of interesting questions given in the discussion after each presentation: “Why did you choose to study about tea but coffee?”, “The bad impacts in China +1 model?”, "Current situation of smoking among Vietnamese and solutions to increase tobacco tax is optimal?”. Through the conference, the students from two universities had the opportunity to exchange and obtain a new approach to the socio-economic issues today.

After the seminar, the students from Hosei University and UEB had joined the interesting activities under the cultural exchange programs.

The program has left a deep impression on students and lecturers of both universities. The culture of the two countries has been shown and merged together through the songs, the dances in the performance of Japanese and Vietnamese students. The most impressive performance was a Japanese song by Professor Hideki Esho. That was the close, fun together with the strong but warm voice which increased the excitement for the exchange program.

 The students visited the warehouse

In the framework of exchange program, on 9/9, the staff, faculty members and students of FIBE and Hosei University have visited the Dragon Logistics Co., Ltd.

Dragon Logistics Co., Ltd. is now a joint venture between the Japanese partners (Sumitomo Corporation and Suzuyo & Co. Ldt) and Vietnamese partners (VINAFCO and Hanoi Electronics Corporation - Hanel).

After the introduction about the company by General Manager of Dragon Logistics Co., Ltd., the delegations had visited some important sites such as warehouses, GPS navigation systems, customs declaration system... Through this visit, the Japanese faculty and students have a more realistic perspective on business in Vietnam, especially the joint venture enterprises between Japan and Vietnam.

The academic and culture exchange program with Hosei University is one of the annually international exchange activities of FIBE (UEB). This is a good opportunity for students to develop soft skills, language proficiency, as well as to strengthen cultural understanding of other countries.

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