The UEB goes to final round of 2014 Freshmen Contest

Beating over 180 other teams from universities and colleges in Hanoi, 30 outstanding teams have pass though the first round of 2014 Freshmen’s Contest.

In the second round, 30 teams are divided into three groups of A, B and C. Each team was provided with four 4 medals and three refusing cards. They will use their priority to challenge their contestants to take part in a skill game. If their contestants win, they have to give a card to them. However, they also use the card to refuse the challenge by other team if they need.
Three best tem of group A, B and C were the first finalists, three runner-up teams continued fighting for the last three posts in the finale.
After the exciting competition, three teams namely Hands (Academy of Journalism and Communication), Bread Team (National Economic University) and STFU (Hanoi University of Science and Technology) entered the final round. In the runner-up positions of each group, the FEC.Nupakachi Team (VNU-UEB), Five Ci Team (Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology) and LOL (VNU University of Education) have fight for the two final portions. In the first match, Five Ci was at its best with a perfect score and got the 4th ticket to the finale. As a result, FEC.Nupakachi and LOL had to fight for the last post. After the tense competition, FEC.Nupakachi Team left LOL behind by a close victory. It means that FEC.Nupakachi is the sole representative of the VNU University of Economics and Business entering in the final round, which is held on September 1st.

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