UEB students participate in social activity of Sunflower Festival 2014

2nd November 2014, along with thousands of voluntary students from Hanoi, Big Hugs Volunteer Club (BHVC), VNU University of Economics and Business has joined the “Sunflower Festival 2014 - For child cancer patients”.

Sunflower Festival 2014 “For child cancer patients” is one of the “Thuy’s Dream” programs by the HCMC Youth Newspaper initiated. Sunflower Festival 2014 is held by HCMC Youth Newspaper and Hanoi Youth Association on 2nd November 2014 at the Hanoi Children's Palace.
The program attracts thousands of capital citizens and the volunteers, students of the universities in Hanoi. The BHVC Volunteer Club of UEB with 35 volunteers has participated in the program with enthusiasm and volunteerism to help the child cancer patients.

After Mr. Pham Duc Hai - Editor of Youth Newspaper gave an opening speech to start the sunflower festival “For child cancer patients” 2014, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Health- Mrs Nguyen Thi Xuyen awarded scholarships to child cancer patients. Some northern artists as “Professor Cu Trong Xoay” Dinh Tien Dung, Singer Thai Thuy Linh also light up the stage with the humorous and excited performance.

The new thing in the 7th Sunflower Festival is the hand model attached with loving messages by paper symbolizing “Hand holding hand”. Each paper hand is painted with the message of love will be supported with 10,000VND by Pharmaceutical Company Eco for child cancer patients. During this festival, thousands of hands were drawn up by the volunteers, the Hanoians which created a picture of the colorful hand exhibited at the show.
BHVC Volunteer club recently has urged students of the UEB to paint a large picture full of loving hands and send it to the Organizing Committee, the whole number of hands on the picture will be awarded by the Pharmaceuticals company Eco to child cancer patients. This is considered to be unique and meaningful, which was contributed by the BHVC volunteer club.
In addition, other activities are also held in the festival as exhibiting shops, making sunflowers for display and sale for charity. With the availability of raw materials supported by the organizers, the BHVC club has completed about 300 sunflowers in the morning of the festival. All flowers will be transferred to the Organizing Committee and to raise fund “For child cancer patients”.
The cultural and art exchange performances of the club have closed the 7th “Sunflower Festival” 2014. It is considered as one of the meaningful activities of the capital people in general and students of UEB in particular for the social and community activities.


The program attracted the attention and contribution of many volunteers as well as citizen of the capital.

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