Book Exchange Festival 2015

"Let the book is no longer useful to me to be useful to others" - that is the motto of "Book Exchange Festival " from the first time of organization. This year, the Book Exchange Festival continues to be held by the Youth Union and the Volunteer Club (VC) of the VNU University of Economics and Business at Indochina Plaza Hanoi on 19th September 2015.

The inaugural of the Book Exchange Festival 2015 took place at 9 am with the participation of representatives of the Youth Union, Student Union, the Center for Student Services (CSS) of the UEB; together with partners, clubs from other members of VNU etc.

More than 11,000 books have been offerred at the Book Exchange Festival 2015

In addition to the book exchange, participating in the festival, the young people also have chance to experience Tarot divination and Henna painting, buy lovely handmade gifts made by members of Volunteer Club, try the snacks at the dining corner and read books for free at beautifully decorated Book Cafe.

A special highlight of the day is the music concert named "SOS Show - Complete Spices" held by the Music Club of the UEB.
The concert was held as a gift to freshmen of QH-2015-E and participants of the book exchange. Minh Khue - students from Hanoi Law University said after the day: "I stumbled to attend the festival and SOS Show this year. Personally, I was impressed by its excitement and unique".

This is the fifth consecutive years the book exchange festival has been held. Over the time, the festival is becoming better known by young people, with the impressive figure of more than 11,000 books received till mid-day of 19th September 2015.

The Book Exchange Festival not only attracted young people but also get attention of mass media

Ending the program, the rest of the books will be carefully classified, packaged and transferred to the programs “Warm winter 2015” in Thanh Hoa province.

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