UEB’s students attend the Asean Art Festival 2016

From 16th - 20th November 2016, students of VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) attended the UKM 5th Asean Art Festival 2016 held at the National University of Malaysia.

UKM 5th Asean Art Festival 2016 under the theme of "Art culture diversity" had the participation of universities from 7 countries in Asean, including: Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.


The festival includes four main activities: The cultural exchange sessions between the participating countries, cross-cultural concert, UKM 5th Asean Art Festival 2016 Party and cultural journey.


In the first two days of the festival, the delegation of the UEB participated in the welcome reception and exchange with other countries in the Great Hall of the National University of Malaysia. Here, the students sang traditional songs and played games with each other.


Besides, the host country Malaysia also organized two programs to introduce Malaysian culture, whereby, the students had chances to learn Pencaksilat and Malaysian traditional dances under the guidance of lecturers of National University of Malaysia.

Learning Pencatsilat

On 18th November, UEB’s students representing Vietnam delegation drew all attention on the unique and charming performance. The show colored with red flag and yellow star “Ao dai” and had rhythm of the song "Fatherland calls your name". Jamal Mohamad Aizat - a Malaysian student said: "I was impressed with the performance, especially the traditional outfit Ao dai”.

The performance "Fatherland calls your name"


To promote the image of Vietnamese people and culture, UEB’s students worked hard for the show


In the evening of 19th November, after the opening repertoire and traditional dances of Indonesia, the UEB’s students performed two repertoires about the war, including "The color of red flower" and "Get up and walk". The repertoires introduced to international friends about the indomitable spirit of Vietnamese in wartime, upholding the sacrifice of national hero.


After the festival, students of the participating countries had a tour visiting famous landmarks of Malaysia before returning home.


Staff and students of the UEB attended the Festival

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