Opening UEB’s Super League 2018

On March 10th, 2018, the UEB opened the Super League 2018. The opening was held at Thanh Lam 3 football stadium, Ton That Thuyet Street.

This is a part of the series of activities to celebrate the 87th Anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (26/3/1931 - 26/3/2018). Besides, sport tournaments are annual activities organized by the UEB, which created chances for students to make friends and improve health.

There are 8 male soccer teams in the tournament, including 7 teams representing the Faculties, Institutes and Centers and one Alumni Team. There are 4 female teams from the faculties, institutes and centers in the university.

Right after the opening ceremony, the first match officially took place. In the spirit of fair play, nice kicks and great goals along with enthusiastic cheers given by the fans made the game more attractive.

In the male football tournament, all of 4 matches played by 8 teams provided the audience with thrilling and exciting moments. Those matches took place at a high speed and many goals were scored.

Group stage A with the center is the match between the last season's runners-up and the alumni team. Last season's runners-up were no longer themselves when losing 5 goals in succession to the alumni team. Throughout the game, the ball was almost only on the side of the footballers from Finance and Banking.


Group B followed shortly after Group A and scored the most goals of the day with a total of 10 goals scored by TSU - Troy Spirit United footballers in the match against the team from the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing.


Also in the opening day, among female teams, there were 2 matches between footballers from the Faculty of International Business and Economics against Business Administration, and Development Economics against Political Economics. Victory belonged to the Faculty of Business Administration and Development Economics. Thus, after round 1, the team form Faculty of Business Administration scored 3 points, which was the same as the team from Development Economics but ranked second due to lower goal difference, and the match between the two teams next week was promised to be extremely attractive. The team from Faculty of International Business and Economics ranked the third and they would have to make so many efforts to fulfill their ambition for championship.

The next matches of the tournament will continue to take place at the weekends and will end in the morning of Traditional camp night, and the prize will be awarded at that night. The results of the tournament will be continuously updated on the Fanpage of the tournament.

>>>Plan for Male soccer tournament here.

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