UEB’s students with exciting traditional camp

As part of the activities to celebrate the 87th establishment of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (26th March 1931 – 26th March 2018) , in the spirit of Reunion day under the theme “Creative Youth”, the Youth Union and Students’ Association of VNU University of Economics and Business (UEB) has successfully organized the Traditional Camp and the Gala “UEB BY NIGHT”.

Under the theme of “Colors of Sport”, this year, the teams from 6 faculties/school of the UEB randomly picked 1 among 6 game sports: football, basketball, badminton, chess, martial art, volleyball as the theme for their camps. Each team gave their ideas, showed creativeness to best describe the characteristics of each game sport they chose,

With creativity, each teams decorated their camp into lively and attractive destinations for visitors, namely “KTPT Stadium” by team of Faculty of Development Economics or “FIBE Stadium” by team of Faculty of International Economics. The camp not only showed featured image of each sport but also expressed the beauty and pride of the team’s faculty and school.


With unique decoration and fascinating presentation, the camp of Faculty of Development Economics (football theme) has won the first prize. Besides, the 2nd and the 3rd prize were awarded to Faculty of International Business and Economics (basketball theme) and Faculty of Banking and Finance (chess theme) respectively.


Along with the camp, there were many other traditional games and stalls from all faculties and schools, which made the UEB’s Youth day more lively and exciting. Each faculty/school has brought interesting and creative sporting colors to the camp, expressed UEB students’ youth and strength. Moreover, the camp is also the final night to award for winners of all competitions at the event.

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