Kick-off event for UEB Business Challenge 2018

On Sunday, 20 May 2018, University of Economics and Business, Vietnam National University in Hanoi hosted an information session about Business Challenges 2018 and the first workshop, discussing about preparation for a new startup at 2:30 pm in E4 building, 144 Xuan Thuy street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.

Both the information session and workshop act as kick-off events for a series of events designed exclusively for the Business Challenges 2018. The competition this year is upgraded from the renowned UEB Genesis Start-up contest, which was an initiative and co- promoted by University of Sydney starting from 2016.

The competition fosters the aim to provide a professional platform for youngsters in Hanoi to develop innovative business ideas, along with that to propose effective ideas to resolve business deficiencies, and to help connect business leaders, angel investors, and viable business ideas. Offering mentoring and career orientation is also amongst objectives.

Participating students are to be equipped with business understandings, practical, yet helpful consultancy from business practitioners, and most notably access to potential investments.

The information session will be an occasion in which students both living in Hanoi and in surrounding areas come to get insights about the competition. In addition to that, respected guest speakers, invited guests from BestB, representatives from Vietnamese start-up community, and from sponsors will also come to share experiences and deliver speeches in the session.

Amongst the distinguished guest speakers, Cuong Steward- a specialist in brand management, a business facilitator, the founder, general manager of BestB is exclusively invited to enlighten participants and potential entrepreneurs with gold experiences and tips in business startup.

Attending the information, students are expected to get insightful, official information on rules, practical sharing by last-year winners as well as guest speakers.


It is believed that provided information will inspire and encourage students to look for business opportunities, to gradually perfect business ideas, and to figure out right career paths to follow in the rest of their lives.

The info session and workshop are expected to attract 350 and 300 people each, respectively.


  • 1st prize: 50 millions dong
  • 2nd prize: 20 millions dong
  • 3rd prize: 10 millions dong
  • Consolation prize: 5 millions dong


1. Round 1: Launching

❖ 27/4/2018 - 18/5/2018: Opening online-offline application form

❖ 20/05/2018: Workshop + Orientation

❖ 31/05/2018 Workshop 1: Announcement of the Results of Round 1

2. Round 2: Beginning

❖ 01/06/2018 Teams in Branch 2 receive business case studies

❖ 3/6/2018 Workshop 2: Topics Marketing

❖ 15/6/2018 Workshop 3: Topics Technology

❖ 28/6/2018 Workshop 4: Topics Human resources

❖ 08/07/2018 Workshop 5: Topics Finance

❖ 12 - 17/7/2018:

➢ Branch 1 present the general information of the project

➢ Branch 2 present the business case study

❖ 20/7/2018: Announcement of the Results of Round 2

3. Round 3: Challenging

❖ 21/7 – 31/8/2018: Teams accomplish their projects

❖ 16/8/2018: Workshop 6 – Topics: Issues to be noted in mobilizing investment capital

❖ 4/9 - 8/9/2018:

➢ Calling up capital for the 1st time (Branch 1)

➢ Evaluating the progress of solving work at the enterprise (Branch 2).

❖ 10/9/2018: Announcement of the Results of Round 3

4. Round 4: Speed up

❖ 11/9 – 27/10/2018: Teams continuously complete their projects

❖ 29/10 - 3/11/2018:

➢ Calling up capital for the 2nd time (Branch 1)

➢ Evaluating the progress of solving work at the enterprise (Branch 2).

❖ 15/11/2018: Announcement of the Results of Round 4

5. Round 5: Shining

❖ 16/11 – 8/12/2018: Teams continuously complete their projects

❖ 10/12/2018: Preliminary Results

❖ 27 - 31/12/2018: The Final


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