The amazing journey of UEB’s football team in China

The football team of UEB had a meaningful and unforgettable trip when joining the Sport and Cultural Exchange Week. The event was attended by football teams from universities in South East Asia and South Asia and was held in Kunming, China. The UEB has fought their way for the 8th place.

The exchange week took place for 10 days from May 20th to 29th of 2018 with nearly 600 athletes from 7 countries (China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand) competing for male football and volleyball.

The UEB’s team has 15 players joining the cup with great determination and hope to bring home the champion cup with the wining prize of RMB 30,000. After 6 matches, the UEB’s team stayed at the 8th place.



The intense match with Foreign Trade University team

Though the event, UEB’s team had an unforgettable exchange week full of memories. After all the matches, the athletes have chances to visit Shilin - the Stone Forest of China, also the location for the filming of the movie “Journey to the West”.


The match against the host team of Kunming


UEB getting to know the Rmuti University team from Thailand


Shilin - The Stone Forest - the most famous destination of Kunming

Throughout the Sport and Cultural Exchange Week, UEB’s team had received wholehearted support from Kunming University and its volunteers. Also, the team had chance to exchange with Vietnamese students studying at the University.

On the final day, at the ending ceremony, the teams presented traditional performance, such as: morlam performance from Laos team, the royal dance from China, rap and modern dance from Thailand. The UEB’s performance of the song “Vietnam oi!” with straw hat dancing was received enthusiastically.



After the event, UEB’s team returned to Vietnam with lots of joy and happiness as well as beautiful memories from Kunming.
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