[Business Challenges 2018] Seminar: Leadership and teamwork skills

On two days 11-12th August 2018, the Organizing Committee of Business Challenges 2018 held a seminar on leadership and teamwork skills at Thai Hai ecological zone - conservation village in Thai Nguyen with the participation of representatives of all teams.

The program is sponsored by the contest’s co-organizer - FNF Vietnam.

Attending the training course, there was Mr. Mark Stanitzki - FNF Vietnam Country Director, Mr. Pham Hung Tien - FNF Vietnam Project Manager and 7 mentors who were both consultants and representatives of participating enterprises. The program included 3 main sessions: teamwork skills, problem solving skills and working experiences between mentors and candidates. In addition, the teams also visited the Tay ethnic preservation village, presented business ideas about local specialties.


Mr. Mark Stanitzki, FNF Vietnam Country Director gives speech at the seminar

The first session of the program was held on August 11, 2018 on Leadership Skills and Teamwork Skills with the participation of Mr Lai Manh Quan - Director of PTI Trang An, and Dr. Vu Thi Minh Hien - UEB’s lecturer. During the seminar, the problems of the roles and responsibilities of the group leader, the way to lead the effective team together with the stories of group management, solve problems in the group was exchanged and answered by Mr. Lai Manh Quan. He said: Skills are different from the knowledge presented in books and lectures. The working group needed to work closely to achieve the common goal and every success comes from the smallest things.


Mr. Lai Manh Quan and Dr. Vu Thi Minh Hien presided over session 1

The second session focused on discussion of Teamwork. Mr. Pham Anh Cuong - Founder of Best B Ecology Company, Ms. Pham Thi Thanh Hoa - Human Resources Manager of Hyperlogy Company and Dr. Dang Thi Huong - Representative of the Competition Organizer discussed this matter. From the lessons shared about the lessons of self-reliance, Pham Anh Cuong gave the message of self-reliance and engagement of each member in teamwork. Pham Thi Thanh Hoa shared the meaning of assigning tasks in group activities. Each job should have the original intentions, need to split the work, should not give each member a huge workload. With the comparison between "leadership" and "management", Mr. Pham Anh Cuong helped the teams understand the difference, how to apply flexibly to teamwork and team spirit. In addition, other mentors and guests shared their knowledge, experience and advice on leadership skills.

The teams also asked a lot of questions and shared the difficulties encountered during group work as well as during project implementation and participation. The mentors gave extremely sincere and meaningful advice, helping the team solve the puzzle and keep the fire going and participating teams enthusiastically.


Mr. Pham Anh Cuong, Pham Thi Thanh Hoa and Dr. Dang Thi Huong presided over session 2

In the afternoon of August 11, 1818, the seminar on Identification and Problem Solving skills was led by Mr. Le Van Hien - Director of On test JSC and Mr. Truong Duc Luong - Managing Director of VSEC. The teams presented about the problems such as the spirit of work, the members were not attached, there is jealousy in operation, not combined with each other in the work of handling problems ...

From there, the mentors helped the teams analyze and offer advice to solve in different situations.



Mr. Le Van Hien and Mr. Truong Duc Luong led the 3rd session

After two seminars, the group visited Tay ethnic villages, producers of traditional products such as ethnic medicine, ethnic wine, gai cake, chung cake, green tea ... The mentors and the teams are given a taste of the national specialties, they listened to the traditional song, experience the rich cultural life of the Tay, thereby understanding more about the cultural values of the nation. In addition to learning, the teams also experienced hands-on teamwork, and implemented sales plans for their products.


The group visits the site of the village

The third seminar took place on the morning of August 12, 1818, with the guidance and sharing of Mr. Tran Hong Hai - Director of Hai Tran Company and Mr. Nguyen Viet Linh - Founder of Sustainable Ecology steady Participants. The participating members were divided into two teams, participating in teamwork games, from which the mentors came up with lessons from the games themselves. Through the games, the team drawed on many lessons of communication skills, teamwork skills, problem solving and solidarity.


The teams take part in the teamwork games


Two mentors - Mr. Tran Hong Hai and Ms.Nguyen Viet Linh at the talk show on 12/8/2018

In the afternoon of the same day, representatives of the teams were divided into 6 groups presenting the plan of selling ethnic village items with guidance from the mentor:

• Group 1: Thai Hai Green Tea - Mentor Pham Anh Cuong

• Group 2: Thai Hai wine - Mentor Lai Manh Quan

• Group 3: Traditional pork - Mentor Pham Thi Thanh Hoa

• Group 4: Vegetables, eggs, Thai Hai fish - Mentor Le Van Hien

• Group 5: Thai Hai bottled water - Mentor Nguyen Viet Linh

• Group 6: Thai Hai traditional medicines - Mentor Tran Hong Hai


The teams presented their ideas

At the end of the program, Mark Stanitzki said that despite the short time, the results of the teams were very good, and he also provided comments on the expertise for the teams and appreciated the quality of training course.

The Business Challenge successfully organized meaningful seminars. The seminars bring new and practical knowledge to the participating teams and created good conditions for the relationship between the mentors and the contestants. The program has been successful, bringing a lot of memories and great experiences for you to join. Teams learned valuable lessons in leadership and teamwork.

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