GPAC Chiba 2018: Knowledge and cultural integration

From August 26th to September 1st, 2018, a group of UEB’s students leaded by MA. Nguyen Duc Lam (Deputy Head of Research and Partnership Development) joined GPAC Forum held at Chiba University of Commerce, Japan.

Global Partnership of Asian Colleges - GPAC is not only an annual academic forum, it is also a place for cultural exchanges among young people in Asia.

Attending the forum, there are representatives from 7 prestigious universities in Asia, including: VNU University of Economics and Business; Waseda University (Japan); Seoul National University (Korea); National Chengchi University (Taiwan); Southwest Economic University (China); University of Management Studies (Israel) and host university - Chiba University of Commerce (Japan).

Academic exchanges and competitions

Under the theme of  "Towards a Sustainable Asia", UEB’s brought to GPAC 2018 two themes: "Impact of exchange rate on Vietnam-Japan trade balance: Examination of J curve effect" and “Effect of financial popularization on economic development". The two presentations received various comments and questions from professors of other universities.

UEB's students present in the program 

Within the framework of the program, 100 students were divided into 20 groups to compete in four projects: "Renewable Energy and Fuel," "Influence of Artificial Intelligence"," Establishment of Canada-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement" and "Plastic Waste". Despite the short time of 2 days for preparation, each group completed the work with passion and lots of creativity. Many presentations were highly appreciated. The students have the opportunity to exchange and broaden their understanding in many fields as well as different ways to approach research projects and improve their ability to work in an international environment.


In 2019, GPAC will be hosted by VNU University of Economics and Business.

Cultural Exchange

In addition to lectures and research, GPAC students also visited some of Tokyo and Chiba's famous landmarks such as Edo Museum, Tokyo Skytree Tower, Tokyo Disneyland. With enthusiastic support from the students of the University of Chiba, UEB’s students had chances to experience the trains, travel habits of the Japanese and visit the most bustling streets in Tokyo etc.


Joining GPAC 2018, students lived together at the dormitory of the host university. This is the chance for the students to understand differences among nations. Moreover, international students lived in the same area so they could easily make friends and sharing with each other.

GPAC Chiba 2018 - The Common Roof of Asian Students

During the program, Asian students also had the opportunities to understand more about the culture of the country. Especially, in the last event of Greetings and Talent Contest, the students brought many special performances of their country to the contest.


The Asian Student Forum 2018 has left many memorable memories for students of Economics University - VNU.

Next year, GPAC 2019 will be hosted by the VNU University of Economics and Business in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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