Academic and cultural exchange with Japanese students

On September 26th, 2018, a delegation of Waseda University (Japan) leaded by Prof. Tran Van Tho visited VNU University of Economics and Business to join the academic and cultural exchange with UEB’s students. This is an annual event held by the UEB and Waseda University, which creates opportunities for students of the two universities to make friends, exchange knowledge and culture.

Beginning the exchange program was a seminar on "Promoting the Development of Supporting Industries and Services in the Asia Context". The seminar was attended by Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Anh Thu - Vice Rector of UEB; Prof. Tran Van Tho - Lecturer of Waseda University, Dr. Nguyen Cam Nhung - Vice Dean of Faculty of International Economics and Business (FIBE) and staff, lecturers and students of two universities.

Prof. Tran Van Tho

Attending this seminar, UEB’s students presented two presentations on “Factors influencing online shopping behaviors of university students in Hanoi: Model and emperical study” and “The impact of exchange rate movements on the trade balance between Vietnam and Japan: J curve effect test”. The students presented vividly the hot economic issues such as online trading, trade relations between Vietnam and Japan, which received great attention from participants.


Later at the seminar, the delegation of Waseda University gave their presentations on Development of Vietnam supporting industry in the new Asian context" and "Industrial development in Vietnam". In particular, Japanese students have measured the indicators of the two major industry sectors: textile and electronics to make recommendations to help these two sectors reduce the import of intermediate materials.


Through the program, students from both universities exchanged new insights and approaches on familiar but never-old economic problems. The lecturers of the two universities also shared the comments as well as suggestions for further development of the research papers.


In the afternoon, the students took part in interesting and colorful cultural exchanges. They played games, sang songs and dances together. These are ways to make friends and learn about culture of Vietnam and Japan.


Annual academic and cultural exchange between students of Waseda University and UEB brought the unforgettable memories for the students, which contributed to promote the partnership between the two universities as well as the two countries Vietnam - Japan.

Thanh Tu

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