Journey of warm winter 2019 in Cao Bang Province

From 10th to 13th January 2019, the Youth Union of VNU University of Economics and Business led by MSc. Nguyen Trung Phong - The Union Secretary went for volunteer to Xuan Truong commune, Bao Lac district, Cao Bang province with officers and students and representatives of the sponsoring enterprises.

After the journey of more than 300 kilometers, UEB’s team reached the first destination - the Border Guard Station of Xuan Truong commune, Bao Lac district. The delegation and staff of the Station discussed, arranged the stuff, clothes, warm blankets, scholarships for poor children and many gifts for local people.

In 3 days, the Union visited and gave gifts to the children at Xuan Truong Primary and Secondary School, Xuan Truong Kindergarten and Cao Bac Primary School. Many valuable gifts were given to the children, families, such as scholarships for poor students who overcome difficulties, warm clothes, bath soap, confectionery, new books and belongings... Gifts had brought joys to children when the new year has been coming, the winter would be warmer in the far-flung border of the country.

The University of Economics and Business came to Cao Bac Primary School which located in extremely difficult conditions, surrounded by rugged high mountains, about 5 - 6km far from the town and people's lives have been extremely difficult. Most students are ethnic people and they cannot speak Kinh language. With a cold weather, only a few children have plastic boots or old slippers, most of them go barefoot to the class in thin and torn layers. In addition, the teachers have overcome many difficulties to stay with the school, to teach their pupils. The UEB’s team came and gave the Cao Bac Primary School 2 1,500-liter water tanks which will give the children and teachers a clean water source, erase worries in drought days.

Talking with pupils at the school, Mr Phong understood the hardships of living here. Despite the cold weather, with a couple of old slippers and old shirt, they still worked hard to go to school to find a brighter future and escape from the poor life. A girl pupil told him that her parents had gone to labor export for a long time and had not contacted, only she and her grandmother relied on each other to live.

The UEB has received a warm welcome from the Border Guard Team of Xuan Truong Commune which has been a twinning unit with VNU University of Economics and Business, helped UEB connect with disadvantaged children of Cao Bang province; bring meaningful gifts to the pupils and the people here.

Ending the journey of 'Warm Winter' with many experiences, the most precious thing imprinted in every member of the delegation was the love of life when witnessing the unfortunate lives confronting the hardships.

Mai Mai

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