ULympics 2019: Awake UEB's Power

Ulympics – UEB’s Olympic Sports – took place at the Cau Giay Gymnasium - 135 Tran Quy Kien with the highest achievement finally belonged to the Faculty of International Business and Economics on March 24th, 2019.

After 3 weeks of rehearsal and preparation, on last Sunday, the groups of athletes departed to Cau Giay Gymnasium with a burning enthusiasm to win the Ulympics season 3. Immediately after being present at the Olympics, the athletes warmed up the hall with an impressive opening performance along with the first two competitions, namely tug-of-war and relay race. The opening for Ulympics 2019 is a tug-of-war between Faculty of Finance and Banking and Faculty of Development Economics. With a 2 - 3 victory, the Faculty of Development Economics won the right to the next round. Next is the victory of the Faculty of International Business and Economics against Team Troy University.


Qualifying rounds of Badminton, Table Tennis, Shuttlecock and Chess respectively took place in different areas of Cau Giay Gymnasium. Cheers from fans, sounds of victory and even regretful sighs made the atmosphere of Ulympics increasingly pushed up. In particular, as when Greek meets Greek, then comes the tug of war, the encounter between Hoang Viet from the Team Troy and Van Nhien from the Faculty of International Business and Economics along with the nearly triumphant victory of Hoang Viet made the whole competition much more severe.


After the morning competition, the names entering the semi-finals of the disciplines were decided. The battles were more intense and attractive than ever in the afternoon. Different from the excitement of other competitions, chess players scrambled each chess move and pawn in a stressful atmosphere but attractive. Finally, Dao Ba Dang of Team Troy and Tran Dinh Dinh of School of Business Administration won the tickets to the chess finals.


In badminton competition, despite first joining the Ulympics, couple Ha Giang - Anh Duc knocked out all heavyweight opponents including the former 2018 Ulympics champion to bring the men's and women's singles badminton category championship to the School of Business Administration. Athletes from the Faculty of Development Economics and other pair from the School of Business Administration ranked second and third respectively.


Tug of war, table tennis, shuttlecock and chess find out their own champion in turn. With the highest final result, the Faculty of International Business and Economics Team won the first prize for the first time in 3 years. School of Business Administration Team - the former Ulympics champion of the 2017 and Faculty of Development Economics Team got the second and the third prize respectively.


No matter who wins, which groups the gold cup belongs to, all UEB students had a great day with lots of feelings. In particular, many alumni had attended and encourages their faculties. More than an Olympic Sports, Ulympics has become a tradition and a bridge to bring students closer together.


Furthermore, Ulympics is not only a place for UEB students to enable their youth and dynamism but also a chance to unlock their true inner power, as the slogan - Ulympics 2019: Awake UEB's power.

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