Giving is receiving

140 is not a large number for units of blood, but it stands for 140 hearts of lecturers, staff and students of VNU University of Economics and Business, who donate blood to patients receiving at the National Institute Of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

The UEB voluntary blood donation event was held annually under the coordination of the Youth Union of UEB and National Institute Of Hematology & Blood Transfusion every April. Not only is it an opportunity for UEB's staff, lecturers and students to express their feelings through every drop of blood, but also a place to send love to poor patients who need blood for treatment.

From the early morning, more than 30 UEB students and volunteers welcomed the first compassionate hearts. Despite being busy with business, many people spent their narrow time to participate in the event. A line of blood donors stood by registration tables waiting for their turn to do the test procedure.


Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Thu - staff from Office of Planning and Finance said: This is the 7th time I participated in voluntary blood donation at UEB. I almost did participate in blood donation every year. This is not only an activity of the university but also a humanistic activity with wide-spread impact to the whole society. I hope that donated blood will be transferred to the poor patients by doctors at the National Institute Of Hematology & Blood Transfusion to make contribution to their happiness in life where their relatives are still waiting for them, just having the belief that they can overcome any adversity.”


The blood donation event actually became a festival at UEB. Some students, despite having day-off, still coming from their homeland to participate in the event. This incident shows the spirit “The leaves protect tattered ones” in humanity and harmonizes the most important thing to be an adult useful person living for society and community.

Mr. Nguyen Trung Phong, Secretary of UEB Youth Union said: This event has collected 140 units of blood, this is a considerable number because the event is held on weekdays (not holidays). The event is also a place to connect students into clubs, forming more ideas for organizing meaningful social programs. I believe that donating blood and participating in organizing blood donation events will make students learn how to love and connect with each other better in not only through the lessons in the lecture hall but also throughout the upcoming life journey.

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