Closing UEB's Job Fair 2019 with 300 jobs for students

On 12th May 2019, VNU University of Economics and Business held the UEB Job Fair 2019 at Hall 801, E4 Building.

At the event, more than 300 job opportunities were introduced to UEB’s students and many of them were offered official positions and paid internship at enterprises.

Attending the event, there were representatives of employers such as VPBank AMC, Xuan Hoa JSC., ALS Transportation Co., AEON Long Bien, HD Bank, Vietnam Airlines, SOC&Brother. From the UEB, there were Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Truc Le - Rector, Dr. Bui Hong Cuong - Head of Office of Student Affairs together with students and staff of the university.


With many attractive job opportunities, the desks of employers got crowded with students applying for interviews. The jobs in marketing attracted a large number of students. Besides, the positions of flight attendants from Vietnam Airlines were also attractive to UEB’s students due to its dynamic working environment and high income.


The innovated UEB Job Fair 2019 came back to bring valuable jobs for UEB’s students, meanwhile, serving as the bridge connecting employers and students. The event was highly appreciated by the enterprises, who expressed the wish to take part in more activities like this in the coming time.


Rector of the UEB - Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Truc Le said, UEB Job Fair 2019 was held with a series of events, which attracted many large corporations. This is the last event in the series to support the students in looking for job opportunities. We had hoped that after the event, 200 jobs will be offered to UEB’s students but it turned out to be 300. I am confident that UEB’s students with extensive knowledge and considerable skills will have the great opportunities to develop their career at businesses.


After the event, it’s estimated that nearly 1000 students had participated in job interviews and 300 students were offered part-time and full-time jobs at enterprises.


Representatives of VPBank said, we highly valued the students from the UEB. Most of the students have competent language skills, good communication skills and extensive knowledge. Some students despite of being at second year are so confident when applying the jobs with high demands. We expected to accompany the university in more events like this in the future.

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