Tips to conquer ADF scholarships "Learn a lot - Play a lot"

Minh Thoa at the ceremony to receive ADF scholarship
That is the sharing of Truong Thi Minh Thoa, student of QH-2019-E Business Administration. Minh Thoa is the valedictorian of the UEB in 2019.

 In the academic year 2020 - 2021, this student received the ADF scholarship valued of USD 4,000 for the second year. The student will receive this scholarship annually if she maintains the GPA results of 3.2 or higher.

"Learn a lot"
"Choosing to study at UEB is one of my wisest choices" - Minh Thoa shared. The University always creates the best conditions for students to learn in class, lecturers are enthusiastic and dedicated. We have chance to learn not by lectures but also through study cases, group exercises, presentations. In addition, the University always offers its students chances to develop personal skills, especially the student exchange program with leading universities in the economic sector in Vietnam and international exchange with leading universities all over the world. We are also subjects to variety of scholarships, which encourages us mentally and materially, ADF is just an example.
 Minh Thoa (left) at the ADF scholarship ceremony

"Play a lot"

Since my first day at the university, I was introduced to the Buddy System, which guided me though a series of events to familiarize myself with the learning environment. I talked to many of my senior and joined the student clubs, which expand my network and experiences.

The university organized tons of student activities which not only gives us real chance to challenge ourselves but also improve our soft skills remarkably.

"Each of us chooses to take an unique path, which only suits themselves. It is important to focus on the path you take rather than trying to follow others" - Minh Thoa shares about her favorite quote.

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