Essential soft skills for UEB’s students

Aiming at building a professional training environment, VNU University of Economics and Business set its priority in improving students’ soft skills. Through these activities, the students can obtain professional knowledge and become more dynamic, creative and proactive in seizing opportunities for self-development.

The specialized knowledge that universities provide to students during their studies is the decisive factor that will help students establish a career in the future. The question, however, is that specialized knowledge itself is enough to help students overcome difficulties and challenges in a future that is changing every day? Therefore, the UEB prepares its students with not only specialized knowledge but useful soft skills.

Let’s take a look at the activities held for UEB’s students in early 2021,

Communicate and behave with DISC Rule

"DISC" stands for the four words: Dominance - Influence - Steadiness - Compliance. Based on these criteria, students can predict and analyze the personality of the other person, thereby establishing the way to communicate so that both people can feel comfortable talking together. The topic was discussed in the workshop "Communicate and behave with DISC Rules" with experienced and talented speakers: Ms. Le Hong Diem from Ledi Professional Business Lecturer.


Ms. Diem Le – Lecturer of LeDi Professional Business introduced disc test in soft skills class


UEB students are excited to take a soft skills class "Communicating and behaving by DISC rule"

Career, employment for students in the digital age

The world is changing fast with industrial revolutions happening across the globe; it gives people the opportunity to change the economy and society. Keeping pace with that development, training of high-quality human resources with competent professional expertise as well as career orientation is extremely important for training in modern education. The workshop brought valuable sharing from leaders of business such as Mr. Le Duy Anh (CEO of Xuan Hoa Vietnam); Mr. Nguyen Phi Nghia (Director of Misa Hanoi Office).


Mr. Le Duy Anh - Ceo of Xuan Hoa Vietnam

In this event, the students had chances to listened to the real stories in recruitment, experiences of the speakers as well as useful skills for their future jobs.

Win the employers in just 3 seconds

This workshop brought employers and seniors from MISA to the UEB with useful activities such as: Preparing applications, tips for interviews, what to do after interview. The speakers shared their first-hand experiences to UEB’s students and answered various questions from the students during the seminar. This is also an opportunity to bring UEB’s students closer to the employers.


Cyber Monday - Management of information technology and e-commerce projects

The Faculty of International Business and Economics organized the class with participation of business representatives for the ecommerce students. Attending the class was Mr. Nguyen Thanh Duong - Manager of the project management following PMT standards. The speaker shared in-depth knowledge and drew an overview about project management with the presentation on "Project management in information technology and e-commerce".


Mr. Nguyen Thanh Duong

Workshop "Building your professional images"

The workshop was organized by the Faculty of Banking and Finance in collaboration with Sacombank, aiming at giving students ideas about personal branding and how to build it through "Dress - Style - Body language - Etiquette" in the workplace.


A large number of students participated in the workshop "Building your professional image"

The speaker of the workshop - Mr. Nguyen Viet Trung - Deputy Director of Human Resources of Sacombank shared very useful information about ways to build a personal image in the workplace.


Mr. Nguyen Viet Trung - Deputy General Director of Sacombank

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Tu Anh (trans.)

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