Sound of souls – Piece of youth

"Youth is dream, youth is passion…" it is the song UEB’s students singing in the student club “Sound of souls (SOS)”. The place stored beautiful memories of UEBers during their college time.

During their college time, UEB’s students not only prove to be “Intelligent - Dynamic – Young” but also passionate and enthusiastic in extracurricular and social activities.

That is why UEB has many student clubs, giving chances for students to show their ability, accumulate knowledge for themselves. Besides, there are clubs for music, volunteer activities… among which is the Sounds of Soul Music Club (SOS).


Members of the club are students love to sing, love to dance but also high-flyer in their academic performance. Some members possess admirable academic records. Therefore, the club has a nickname "The Club of Valedictorian".


In recent years, the club welcomed many members who are valedictorian in the of VNU University of Economics and Business, not only brilliant in studying and research, the students also excel in music with piano, singing, dancing.


Thanh Nga - Member of the Club who was the valedictorian of QH-2020-E intake said: "For learning, I focus on the key points; balance the time to ensure the best results. For music, I spend weekends and free time to entertain and relax myself.”

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Tu Anh (trans)

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