The Blue moon season keeping memories!

The blue moon season with beautiful memories of youth, keeps our unforgettable moments for years. Five or ten years later, when we look back to see and to find part of ourselves during the most beautiful days at the UEB…

"What's the best thing about your youth?"

"Friends, memories... And it's UEB!"


Blue moon is an annual party for fresh graduates of the UEB – the students who are about to leave their university life and start their career. This year, the meeting with students was held online due to complex situation of the Covid-19 pandemic. The meeting featured by the blue moon as a message to the students of intake 62 (regular training programs) and intake 16 (joint training program with Troy University) “Each of you is a lantern – move forward and shining”.


The meeting drew beautiful moments during the four-year journal of the UEBers, giving them the best wishes for the path ahead. The blue moon is also a place to keep memories "Four years of my youth, four years of university life, I’ve done what I like, proved what I believe and achieved my goals, having irreplaceable feelings, experiences, and moments. I believe that each person will have their own memories after 4 years. With all these accumulated foundations, I wish all graduates best wishes in their first step in real life.” It is one of the many notes that Pham Huong Linh from QH-2017-E sent to her fellows at the Blue Moon.

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Tu Thanh (Trans.)

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