Exchanging meeting with students of Connecticut University (USA)

On 16th February 2009, at the University of Economics and Business - VNU, the exchange meeting was held between the students of Connecticut University (USA) and the students attending the Honor training program - Faculty of International Business and Economics, and students attending the 16 + 23 program - School of Business of UEB.

Prof. Don Peppard - the representative of Connecticut University and Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - Vice Rector of UEB with two coordinators of School of Business and Faculty of International Business and Economics attended the exchange meeting.

Apart from the sincere feelings of the country and the people of Vietnam expressed by the students from Connecticut University, the exchange meeting was also heated up by the exciting atmosphere with various topics of interests of the students from the two universities, which are American and Vietnamese cultures, the education environment and system, especially experience in conducting studies and research.

The exchange meeting was a great opportunity for students of UEB - VNU to use English both in communicating and in exchanging professionally as well as to learn and enrich their knowledge from students of an international university.


Overview of the exchange meeting between students of UEB - VNU and Connecticut University (USA)

Warm atmosphere and short linguistic gap in the exchange meeting.

Mr. Nguyen Hai Minh - Lecturer of School of Business is giving the bunch of flowers to Prof. Don Peppard

Nguyen Bich Ngan - Luu Mai

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