UEB and Keio University students in a study tour in Hai Duong

Under the exchanging program between University of Economics and Business - VNU and Keio University (Japan), students of two universities has had a study tour on 7th September in Hai Duong.

The group has come and learned about the production of household biogas in Pho Noi Industrial Zone, as well as participated in the useful visit to Dai An Industrial Zone.

In Dai An Industrial Zone, students of two universities were instructed about basic knowledge of biogas production and its meanings. Biogas stands for biological gas which is recycled during the disintegration of organic waste in the condition of underground stored. Thanks to the activities of microorganisms, the waste will ferment and generate gas, which is used as fuel in internal combustion engines. Using biogas saves costs and is a solution to environmental problems. This is actually a relatively new knowledge to many students, not only Vietnam but also for the students who come from asahi country. 

This was also an opportunity for international friends to understand about labor and production culture of Vietnamese people as well as the role of biogas in everyday life.

After that, the group departed to Dai An industrial zone (IZ) - Hai Duong which is invested by Dai An Industrial Zone JSC in a total area of 664ha with a total investment of about 1300 billion. The industrial zone is located in a very idealistic place, which is in key economic areas of the North (Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh).

With the enthusiastic reception of IZ management board, students were introduced about Dai An industrial zone - Hai Duong. This is one of the modern private IZ with the infrastructure of high-technology, modern power supply system, water supply, drainage, transport, communications , lighting, central warehousing, security, environmental and plants.

Among 31 licensed projects in Dai An IZ, there have been 15 factories run into production, nine under construction and seven is completing the procedures for building permits with total investment capital of projects in the zone is 437 million dollars. Being built according to the standards of a clean industrial zone, besides the key task of attracting FDI, Dai An IZ is always operate within the balance between attracting investment and insurance environmental sustainability.

The friendly discussion between leaders of the IZ with students had left a deep impression among students of a modern industrial zone with civilized model, which meets criteria for the regional land international standards.

The study tour has provided students useful and interesting knowledge, showed the heartiness and hospitality of FIBE as well as UEB to international friends. This is aslo the advantageous environment to accelerate the cooperation and fondness for learning among students.

Mai Nguyet Anh (QH-2009-E CLC)

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