UEB - Waseda: Boundless moments

The activity has brought the union among students of two universities.
Under the series of activities with Waseda University (Japan), a cultural exchange activity was held at University of Economics and Business - VNU on 16th November 2010 between students of Faculty of International Business & Economics - UEB and Waseda University.

The show begun with a Vietnam’s traditional song by FIBE students like a present to international friends. To continue, performances by UEB students have introduced Vietnamese colorful culture to Waseda students; especially, when they were participating in nhay sap activity (bamboo dance), a beauty of Vietnamese folk culture.

The show begun with a traditional song of Vietnam.

Naturally, it is a rare chance for Waseda students to record special images.

It seemed there was no gap between different languages, geographical distance or difference between two cultures, only friendly smiles and cheers remain.

In the same evening, students of two universities have spent together in a cozy party with Vietnam’s traditional dishes. Everyone sent to each other good wishes, meaningful souvenirs and promises of reunion. 

The activity closed in mixed feelings: a little cheer, surprise with a little eagerness, and nostalgia in departing moment. All have left a deep impression among friends from the land of sakura. Those moment were really unforgettable memories with boundless smiles.

All students holds their hands and together participate in "Nhay sap" - the mixture of traditional and modern beauty.

Waseda student’s performance make all participants surprised and excited.

UEB students show their leadership and hosting spirit when they come to the stage and encourage special performance by Waseda student.

Unforgettable moments of youthful enthusiasm and close union.

Mai Nguyet Anh - Photos: Thuy Dzung

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