U-league 2010 – Harmony of emotions

Following the trend of helping students develop comprehensively in studying and training, FIBE in particular and UEB in general have taken part in U-League competition 2010 of the North. On the evening of December 12, 2010, teams from UEB and Dai Nam University, University of Commerce, University of Natural Sciences had a dramatic and compelling competition on three fields: Futsal, Cheerleaders and Miss at Gia Lam stadium.

In Futsal, the first football match between teams of Dai Nam University and the University of Natural Sciences has devoted to the audience a nice and fair play game with the score 3-2 in favor of Dai Nam University.

The match between University of Commerce and UEB was in enthusiastically loud cheers from audience. UEB had a very good start with an opening goal. However, the University of Commerce has been playing very well and won with the aggregate score of 8-1. In spite of not winning, the UEB Futsal team was recognized by trying very hard.

Despite their effort, Futsal UEB team lost their match with a score of 8-1.

In cheerleaders, all teams showed very nice and impressive performance. Cheerleaders is a new content in U-League this year, but the teams have demonstrated professionalism and ability to quickly adapt to new environment. Stunts, hitting the air, plasti-bending, jumping on were done with high precision, which surprised both the judges and audience. After considering carefully, the jury selected the best two teams with the difficult techniques and high-quality performance: UEB and Dai Nam University with the same score of 36.

The content, which may be the most anticipating, is the talent competition of the beautiful U-league ladies. After the beauty contest, four candidates continued to compete in the talent competition – which was really attractive and creative with dance, Indian dance, and peacock dance... Miss Vu Hong Nhung (QH-2009E-CLC, FIBE student) was very confident to complete her performance. UU-League girls will continue to compete in eloquent contest to choose the representative for the North.


Vu Hong Nhung (UEB student) with her attractive belly dance.

The U-League competition has left beautiful and unforgettable memories with different emotions, feelings of the students. It also lingers moments of relaxation, fun, a healthy environment among students from different universities

Thai Thanh – Hong Hanh

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