Seminar on going global for entrepreneurs

On 4th March 2011, a seminar on Going Global for Entrepreneurs was held at University of Economics and Business for students and lecturers from School of Business.

The speaker, Mr. Micheal Tevel, who is a volunteer sent by VietnamInternational Education Development- Ministry of Education and Training, is also a consulting manager at CGI, Canada.

Present at the seminar were also lecturers and students from 3 classes of Business Administration, also the students of 16+23 program of Vietnam National University.

During more than two hours, the speaker has shared information on some main points such as: entrepreneurship, business planning, entrepreneurial marketing, and Vietnam’s entrepreneurship in going global.

To be precise, his speech covers the following contents: the spirit and value of entrepreneurship, an overall essential contents included in a business plan, market analysis and the marketing mix - the 4Ps (Product, Place, Promotion and Price), finance, execution and implementation of a business project; common mistake and tips for successful business plans, and finally, Vietnam’s entrepreneurs, ranks and global competition.

At the end of the seminar, many questions and ideas had been discussed. They were about the students plans of business: its difficulty and management, and also, the deeper understanding of the presentation.

The seminar has considerably encouraged the UEB students to have an overall look about entrepreneurship and business plan, global market and Vietnam’s position.

Nguyen Kim Ngan QH-2009-E QTKD

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