Prof. John Quelch discusses with UEB students

The seminar with the world’s leading marketing expert draws many UEB faculty members and students
Within the event series of Prof. John Quelch in Vietnam, on 29th March 2011 University of Economics and Business has organized the Seminar The Twenty-first Century Consumer, bringing the opportunity to UEB faculty members and students to discuss with one of the world’s leading marketing expert.

Attending to the seminar were the representative of co-organisers - Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan - Editor-in-chief of Vietnamnet eNewspaper, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh - UEB Vice-rector and many faculties and students of the university, especially of honor program and international standard program.

To open at the seminar, Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh has warmly welcomed all the distinguished guests, UEB staffs and students, as well as affirmed the academic and strategic significance of the seminar.

Starting his speech, Prof. John Quelch has analyzed the change in customers’ psychology and behavior to encounter the recession. Accordingly, the lecturer has generalized the four changes in customer’s behavior, which include (1) reduced consumption; (2) increased information search (3) increased price sensitivity (4) reduced risk taking. Prof. John Quelch has deeply analyzed the expressions of comsuming behavior changes, which provided valuable information for marketing strategies. The lecturer has also classified customers into four basic groups, accordingly products and goods were also classified into four groups based on the level of customers’ reaction.

Besides analyzing the changing in customer’s behavior during and after recession as well as the future consuming tendency, Prof. John Quelch also spent time to share about the Chinese consumers - huge potential market for accurate investors.

 With series of Prof. John Quelch’s activities at UEB - VNU, the Seminar The Twenty-first Century was an opportunity for UEB faculties and students to directly discuss with an outstanding strategic planner cum the world’s excellent economics lecturer. The seminar has partly support the participants in acquiring new ideas and trends of business administration, especially marketing management under different aspects.



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