Festival of UEB Students’ clubs

On 8th October 2011, VNU UEB Students Association has organized a festival for students’ clubs in order to welcome new students.

There are 9 clubs under UEB Student Association participating in the festival, including Media and Communication Club (YEC), Young Economist Club (YEC), SIFE Team - UEB, Volunteer Club, Business Administration Club, Karatedo Club, Guitar Club, BeOne English Club, TIE club, which propagandizes reproductive health and social evils prevention.

The club representatives have introduced their activities, members as well as the club spirit and action goals through active clips. In addition, there are interesting performances such as: traditional dance by Volunteer Club, Jaiho dance of SIFE Team, modern dance by Media and Communication Club… Teamwork plays by YEC, MCC and TIE also attracted many students to join and brought with the friendly atmosphere among students.


Each club has their performance to self-introduce.

The performances have helped new students get to know about activities of UEB students’ association and unions to select their preferable clubs.

Although this is the first celebration of “UEB Clubs festival”, the program has received  the support and encouragement among students. The festival has expressed dynamic style, open and enthusiastic atmosphere of VNU UEB students.

Thanh Nga (MCC)

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