AUFA 2011 – ASIAN Universities Festival of Arts

From October 5th to October 10th 2011, a group of student from VNU University of Economics and Business had a meaningful trip to participate “ASEAN Universities Festival of Arts” at National University of Malaysia (University Kebangsaan Malaysia, UKM).

Festival brings together university students in ASEAN countries including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and three guests from Korea, Japan and China. The group of students from VNU University of Economics and Business consists of 10 students: Nguyen Thi Thu Ngan (QH-2007-E International Economics), Nguyen Thi Hong Trang (QH-2008-E Business Administration), Nguyen Van Linh, Nguyen Hoang Anh, Vo Ngoc You (QH-2009-E International Economics), Tran Dinh Hung (QH-2009-E Political Economics), Nguyen Thanh Phong (QH-2009-E Development Economics), Tung Tran Tam, Bui Thi Kim Anh, Le My Hau (QH-2010-E Finance Banking).
Participating in the festival, students from University of Economics and Business had excellent traditional performances, thereby introducing the rich culture of the country and Vietnamese people to international students.

Opening performance with Vietnamese traditional Ao dai and conical hat dance


The men warmed up the hall with the song “Ra khoi” - showing human strength, the will to strive and resolve difficulties.

On the second day (the evening of October 7), they continue to show the cultural beauty through the traditional performance "Ra khoi", "Em di xem hoi trang ram" “trong com”.

Trong com” and “Em di xem hoi trang ram” performance

On the closing date of 9th October, the students delivered a traditional dance of the Mong ethnic minority and it received strong response from the audience.

AUFA 2011 is a linkage to enrich the solidarity and friendship among the ASEAN countries. Participating in the festival, Vietnamese students from VNU - UEB not only had the opportunity to introduce their ethnic identity, but also learn more about the culture of neighboring countries. Hopefully, UEB student will continue to bring the good image of Vietnam in 2012 AUFA.

Tran Hung (MCC)

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