Closing UEB’s Green summer campaign 2012

On 5 August 2012, the Green summer campaign of VNU’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union in Soc Son district (Hanoi) was officially close with encouraging achievements. The closing ceremony has been organized in the cheerful and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Participating in the 2012 campaign, VNU’s Youth Union has 11 teams of more than 300 volunteers, who had carried out many helpful activities in the local area such as: summer activities with the juvenile, propaganda on reproductive health, constructing a website for  Soc Son district’s Youth Union, establishing English club, contributing to the rural improvement, dredging canals, cleaning public places, candle lighting in memory of Vietnam’s martyrs and visiting  the family under preferential treatment policy in the district...
The VNU University of Economics and Business has 26 student volunteers participated in this voluntary campaign.
At the ceremony, the Youth Union Committees of Soc Son district, Hanoi and VNU have awarded certificates of merit for outstanding individuals and teams during the campaign. The VNU-UEB has 3 volunteers including: Nguyen Anh Phuc (QH-2010-E Development Economics), Trinh Thi Huyen Trang (QH-2010-E Finance - Banking) and Nguyen Thi Sim (QH-2010-E Finance - Banking) whose outstanding performances were recognized and brought them the honorable award.
Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai - Secretary of Soc Son’s Youth Union has expressed his deep gratitude to the VNU’s Communist Party Committee, the President Board as well as VNU’s Youth Union, especially the enthusiastic volunteers for their assistance in the local activities during the campaign.


The UEB’s Green summer team before coming back to university in Bac Phu ward, Soc Son district.

The tight handshakes and the souvenir have shown the closeness and good relationship between Youth Union Committees of VNU and Soc Son district after a meaningful summer.
The ceremony was closed in the melody of the song Len Dang full of invigorating atmosphere. Green summer campaign has ended, but the passion of youth seems still seething, and the echo of a beautiful melody “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country” still resounds in each volunteer’s heart.

Dam Thao - Hai Dang

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