SIFE Vietnam 2012 - Unforgetable memory

The UEB’s SIFE Team before the competition
Being held 2 weeks ago but SIFE Vietnam 2012 Competition and its resonance was still fresh in all members of the SIFE of VNU University of Economics and Business. It was like everything has just happened yesterday.

Every year, all of SIFE Vietnam members meet in Ho Chi Minh City to attend the much awaited event: SIFE National Competition held in July. It is the time for SIFE Teams to compete by representing their projects to the judges, who are senior managers of reputable enterprises ororganizations such as PepsiCo, KPMG, Lawrence Sting funds, Kinhdo, etc.
It was both the honor and the memorable experience for the UEB’s SIFE Team to attend to SIFE National Vietnam 2012 on 2 days from 13th to 14th July.
Last year, the cancellation of SIFE National Competition 2011 has brought different feelings for UEB’s SIFE members. It was deeply disappointed that our effort came to nothing, regardless of the fact that more than 40 people had been working for a year then it was not as expected.
Overcoming the psychological challenges, we had a chance to look at ourselves and found the true value that SIFErs of UEB have achieved. Our most concern was not only the competition but also what our projects could bringfor the community.
This year, SIFE National Vietnam 2012 was held c in a great expectation, hope and cheer. SIFE Team of the UEB has seized the opportunity and participated in a completely different feeling, exciting and proud for the team’s effort during the last year.
With a major adjustment of activities, focusing on organizational building for the development of future projects, UEB SIFE team has considered the SIFE National competition Vietnam in 2012 as an opportunity to challenge and express themselves. Bringing to the competition with two relatively new projects, namely “Connecting the youth” (the project to improve youth capacity through the connection with the previous generations) and “Saving together” (to collect, distribute, and reuse the used items), the team is hoped to be in the top 8.

The UEB SIFE team introduce their activities in the last academic year and their projects.

Although the final result was not as we expected before and all the members were quite upset, the UEB’s SIFE team had a memorable and successful competition.
Success was the effort to do our best, overcome the difficulties in a short time to prepare the presentation about University of Economics and Business and the activities of UEB SIFE in the period 2011-2012. It was the process of restless effort of  each member in the team.
Success was brought out by the impressive image of VNU University of Economics and Business: dynamic, enthusiastic and eager to learn.
Having the chance to exchange with students from 17 other universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the UEB’s SIFE team had valuable experience, such as how to managing a project by SIFE team of National Economics University, how to approach the disable people by RMIT’s student, the patience and persistence of Foreign Trade University SIFE team, as well as the professional presentation by SIFE teams of Hanoi University  or HCM University of Economics, etc.


UEB SIFE team and members of other teams. 

Attending extra events of  the competition (GALA of 18 SIFE teams; conference with  leaders and HR managers from major organizations and enterprises), UEB SIFErs  have enriched precious knowledge and experience.
Thanks to the experience at the competition, we have more confidence in the mission we have been pursuing: connecting the young and enthusiastic heart to bring a better life for the disadvantage people through the positive impacts of business.

Duc Dung - Thuy Dzung

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