GPAC 2012 - the impression of UEB students’ talent

Global Parnership of Asian Colleges (GPAC 2012) has held at Seoul National University, Korea from 27 August to 1 September 2012 under the theme “Rethinking Capitalism”.

Participating in GPAC 2012 were the students from seven universities in Asia including: Seoul National University (Korea), VNU University of Economics and Business (Vietnam), Keio University (Japan), Chiba University (Japan), Meio University (Japan), Chengchi National University (Taiwan) and University of Management (Israel).
UEB students group led by Dr. Pham Thi Hong Diep, includes 19 students from the following Faculties: International Business and Economics, Business Administration, Banking - Finance, Political Economics. 


UEB students at GPAC 2012 

UEB students have brought to the forum with 7 science researches in the areas of Business Administration, International Trade, Finance and Macroeconomics. Thanks to the well preparation, the subjects by UEB students were highly impressed the professors from other universities of Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.
Skills of presentation and question resonding of UEB students also made a good impression at the seminars.
In particular, in the sessions of group discussion, UEB students have played their active role in three teams who won first, second, three prize of the competition under the theme “Rethinking Capitalism”. International professors and students have impressed by the creative idea of Vietnamese students on institutional reform the world’s economy, market reform, forming a common currency in international trade and building the welfare state model. 


Students of the UEB and other universities in their group presentation.

Also within the framework of GPAC 2012, Dr. Pham Thi Hong Diep has attended an official meeting with 10 professors representing 7 universities, including 6 members of GPAC and one university as an observer (Israel’s University of Management). Being a fresh member of GPAC since 2008, the UEB, however, has actively contributed to GPAC activities. The positive participation of the university in this annual forum has been deeply recognized by other member universities and the two founders of GPAC, Prof. Min Sang Kee (Seoul National University) and Prof. Haruo Shimada (Chiba University). 
At the meeting, the participants have discussed on several important issues such as the expansion of GPAC members, the selection of time and venue as well as the theme of GPAC in the next years. VNU University of Economics and Economics was been trusted to be the host of GPAC 2014. Meio University (Japan) is expected to be the destination of GPAC 2013, scheduled to be held from 26 to 31 August 2013.
GPAC 2012 closed with a competition among talent students. The ao dai of Vietnamese girls in the UEB students’ performance has again raised cheerful applause at the hall. The UEB students have showed their best and sent the message “the harmony between tradition and modernity” and drawn the full sympathy of the audience on the Talent Show night.
GPAC 2012 in Korea has left good impression for students from attending universities. Those were the impression of a dynamic and modern Seoul; impression of a professional organization and hospitality of the Seoul National University; and above all is close friendship among students who came from different countries through GPAC activities. Goodbye GPAC 2012, UEB students look forward to GPAC 2013, which will be held at Meio University, on a beautiful island of Okinawa in Land of the Rising Sun.

Hong Diep - Anh Tuan

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